Wood drying pump

Principle of wood drying

1.dry treatment

1. Artificial drying

Seal the wood in the steam drying room, and use the steam to promote the evaporation of water and dry the wood. (according to the size and thickness of wood, such as the drying time of 4cm board generally needs a week), the highest degree of drying can make the wood moisture content of only 3%, usually the degree of drying log should be maintained at about 30% of the water content.

2. Dry naturally

Classify the wood and place it in the ventilation place (plank, square or log), and put it into a pile. The bottom of the pile is about 60cm away from the ground, with space left in the middle to allow air circulation and take away moisture. The wood will gradually dry out. Natural drying should pass a few years or months commonly, ability achieves certain dry requirement.

2.purpose of wood drying

1. Prevent parts from deformation and cracking

When the moisture in the wood is removed from the air, it causes the wood to shrink in volume. If the shrinkage is uneven, the wood will crack or deform. If the wood is dried to the extent suitable for the use of the environment or the use of the requirements of the state, it can maintain the relative stability of the size of the wood, and is durable.

2. Prevent the deterioration and decay of wood and extend the service life of wood products

If the wet wood is stored in the open air for a long time, if proper measures are not taken, it will often decay or be infested. When the moisture content of wood is reduced to less than 20%, the invasion and destruction of fungi and pests can be reduced. So, generally in the production unit, the wood to the moisture content of 8-15%. This not only guarantees the inherent nature and strength of the wood, but also improves the corrosion resistance of the wood.

3. Improve the mechanical strength of wood and wood products and improve the physical properties of wood

When the moisture content of wood is below fiber saturation point, the physical and mechanical strength of wood will increase with its decrease. At the same time, the wood is also easy to sawing and planing, reducing the loss of woodworking machinery.

4. Reduce the weight of wood, which is conducive to improving the carrying capacity

The water content of newly cut wood even exceeds its weight, and after short-term storage and natural drying, it is still very high. The weight of wood can be reduced by about 30-50% after it is dried in the chamber, which is beneficial to improve the carrying capacity of vehicles.

Anyhow, through dry lumber, can assure the quality of lumber product, improve the use function of lumber, lengthen use fixed number of year, saved lumber thereby. Years of practice has proved that wood drying is an indispensable process in production and has become a specialized subject in science.

Suitable for wood drying pump.

Wood drying pump
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