Vacuum pumps for water diversion engineering

Water diversion engineering industry:
In the past, the water pump must be equipped with a one-way valve (also known as flower basket) in the suction pipe, and the air is stopped by irrigation. When the one-way valve fails, it must be repaired by human, which is time-consuming and laborious. Winter is not guaranteed, the use of water ring vacuum pump to pump air, water directly into the pump chamber, that is, time-saving, labor-saving, efficient. The company also specializes in the design of automatic water diversion devices.

A Safety Valve of Water Diversion Device and Its Application

The utility model discloses a safety door of a water diversion device and a water diversion system applying the valve. The safety valve of the water diversion device includes a tank body with a cavity structure, an air inlet and an air outlet connected with the tank body cavity, and a floating ball designed in the tank body cavity. The exhaust outlet is arranged at the top of the tank body. When the liquid enters the tank body, the floating ball rises with the liquid level in the tank body; when the floating ball reaches the inner end of the exhaust port, the exhaust outlet is closed. 。 The water diversion system includes water device safety valve, vacuum pump and water pump; the water pump is provided with intake pipe and drainage pipe, the outer end of the drainage pipe is provided with drainage port, and the middle part of the drainage pipe is connected with the intake port of the water diversion device through the first conduit; the vacuum pump is provided with outlet and suction port, and the suction port is connected with the exhaust port of the water device safety valve through the second conduit. Compared with the prior art, the utility model can prevent water from entering the vacuum pump, make its load too large and burn out, thereby prolonging the service life of the vacuum pump.

Water ring vacuum pumps are commonly used in water diversion engineering industry: 2BV, 2BE1, 2SK, etc.
Experts recommend:

1, 2BV Series: Small Water Station Applicable, Small Investment, Easy Installation

2BV Series Water ring vacuum pumps
Water ring vacuum pump is small in volume and easy to move.
High efficiency and energy saving
Simple structure and easy maintenance

2, 2BE1 Series: Suitable for Dashui Station

2BE1 Series Water ring vacuum pumps
High Vacuum and Stability
More energy saving

3, 2SK Series: Small Water Station Applicable

2SK Series Water ring vacuum pumps
First-generation products, better quality and better price

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