Liquid ring vacuum pump process

Product name: liquid ring vacuum pump
Standard: CE/TUV/SGS/ISO9001
Application: egg tray, fruit tray, coffee cup tray, medical tray, craft…
Warranty: 12 months
Voltage: 220 V – 450 V.
Power installation: 11 kw ~ 110KW

Liquid ring vacuum pump description

The water ring vacuum pump is designed and manufactured with international technology, with simple structure, small volume, low energy consumption and high pumping speed.
The suction, compression and discharge processes are completed continuously to produce minimal pressure pulsation, thereby reducing vibration and reducing sound.
The water ring vacuum pump is easy to maintain and can provide technical service and normal maintenance.
The water ring vacuum pump is widely used in papermaking, food packaging, egg tray and tableware production of building materials, electrical equipment and chemical engineering industries.

Next, introduce a liquid ring vacuum pump applied to pulp tray production line.

Egg tray molding system

The molding system is the second part of the pulp molding line, which follows the pulping system. When refined pulp is pumped to a pulp molding machine, it works. The prepared pulp can then be moulded into various products, such as egg trays, fruit trays, and shoe trays. In addition, the size of your production line is often important. Therefore, egg tray molding system is very concerned about. Vacuum pumps and air compressors are also used to improve the quality of pulp molded products. Finally, we have developed a complete set of pulp molding production line and excellent egg tray manufacturing machine.

Main equipment of egg tray forming system

1. Pulp forming machine

The importance of forming mould

On the one hand, various molding products can be manufactured through different molding molds. On the other hand, they have a great impact on the quality and quantity of molded pulp products. Many factors should be taken into account when designing a mold, such as the shape, appearance, size, and even the space between each groove. Considering the frequent use of forming mold, its texture should be durable in use. We have an innovative design team that can meet all your requirements.

All kinds of pulp molding equipment

As a key part of the whole forming system, pulp forming equipment represents the company’s technical advantages. Usually, there are two types of molds, the forming mold and the transfer mold. For different customers to provide a variety of types of rotary molding machines. The output range is 1000 to 9000 pieces per hour. We provide the most satisfactory solution to help our customers to build a complete eggshell production line. In order to expand the product range without increasing the cost of investment, we have created removable molding molds. In this way, we can produce egg trays, fruit trays, tray shoes and so on for our customers. With a molding machine.

2. Liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump process

It is mainly used in the molding process to adhere the pulp fiber to the mold and remove most of the pulp water. As an essential part of an egg-shell making machine, it has the following functions.

Increases adsorption capacity.

On the one hand, it improves the tightness between the mold and the pulp and the density of the pulp fiber. Dehydration and molding processes are known to be associated with adsorption capacity. That is to say, vacuum degree has a great impact on the quality of pulp products, such as appearance, durability, stiffness. Safe and stable vacuum pumps with low noise and high vacuum are used in our molding system.

Remove some water.

On the other hand, most of the water is pumped out to improve the efficiency of the drying system. From this point of view, it is also a dehydration process. The tank is mainly used to store vacuum and water to keep the vacuum stable during the production process. Better yet, water can be recycled efficiently. The vacuum pump designed and developed has the advantages of high vacuum stability, small occupation area and convenient maintenance. Our vacuum pump by the molding pulp manufacturers at home and abroad, widely used in pulp tray production line.

Liquid ring vacuum pump has competitive advantages

Provide overseas technical support
Proprietary technology
TUV vendor evaluation certificate
SGS supplier evaluation certificate
The CE certificate
With more than 20 years of experience in this field, China is a reliable supplier, supported by the government and universities.

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