Ball valve supply

EVP pneumatic ball valve is a kind of valve equipment which is assembled by ball valve and driven by pneumatic actuator developed and produced by Yuantong Industry. The structure of pneumatic valves widely used can be divided into switching type and regulating type. Pneumatic ball valves are equipped with various accessories according to the use requirements, and valves in different application scenarios are customized.

Pneumatic Ball Valve Working Principle

The far-ventilated ball valve is a kind of valve which is driven by pneumatic actuator. It can open and close the valve only if the air source drives the ball valve to do 0-90 degree rotational work.

Ball valve supply

Quick release flange(KF)connection and outline dimension(GB4982)

Model Nominal Diameter(DN) ΦD ΦB H L A
GUD-16/KF 16 30 17.2 62 100 120
GUD-25/KF 25 40 26.2 75 114 150
GUD-40/KF 40 55 41.2 115 165 200
GUD-50/KF 50 75 52.2 125 175 221

Loose flange connection and outline dimension(GB/T6070)

Model Nominal Diameter(DN) ΦD ΦB H L A n-ΦC
GUD-16 16 60 45 62 100 120 4-6.5
GUD-25 25 70 55 75 114 150
GUD-32 32 90 70 93 140 180 4-9
GUD-40 40 100 80 115 165 200
GUD-50 50 110 90 125 175 221
GUD-63 63 130 110 166 186 230
GUD-80 80 145 125 175 198 290 8-9
GUD-100 100 165 145 189 220 260
GUD-125 125 200 175 232 266 360 8-11


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Should the electric valve be installed in the return pipe? For the regulation of the surface cooler, if the room temperature is too cold, you can reduce the opening of the regulating valve in the monitoring platform or other places, so that the water flow rate slows down, heat transfer slows down, but the coil heat transfer is uniform, so as to ensure that the room temperature is not too cold, nor sudden change of too hot, pneumatic ball valve, if installed in the intake pipe, the valve action will be later, because the pressure is higher than the backwater. Pipeline pressure, at the same time easy to cause uneven coil heat transfer, more likely to cause electric valves to reach the service life ahead of time, the advantages of electric valves installed in the return pipe are as follows:
1. The pressure of the backwater pipeline is lower than that of the water supply pipeline, which is conducive to protecting the electric two-way valve and prolonging its service life.
2. Installation in the backwater pipeline is conducive to ensuring that the coil is in full liquid state and conducive to heat transfer of the coil.
3. Water supply pipelines are usually equipped with filters. From the point of view of convenient construction, the electric valve should be installed on the return pipe.
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