How to solve the bearing heating of water ring vacuum pump

The water ring vacuum pump is a kind of equipment which is often widely used and has a very complex structure in our daily life. However, when the equipment is used, it cannot be separated from the support of the bearing. Therefore, the quality of the bearing directly affects whether the equipment can be used normally, but the bearing will generate heat due to long-term use or some external factors, which will lead to the temperature of the whole equipment Degree rise, there is a certain degree of damage to the equipment, then in the process of use, what is the cause of the equipment bearing heating, how to solve it?

Bearing is one of the important parts of the vacuum pump products, which plays an important role in the operation of the vacuum pump. The same is true for the vacuum pump. In the operation of the vacuum pump, sometimes the bearing will generate heat, which will have a certain impact on the overall operation of the pump. What are the causes of the bearing heat of the vacuum pump? There are many reasons for the bearing heating of vacuum pump, including valve plate cracking, shaft end seal failure, bearing preload, sensational effect, smooth appearance and bearing damage. Here is a specific introduction.


1. Valve plate cracking: when the valve plate of the water ring vacuum pump cracks, the pressure on both sides of the impeller will be unbalanced, the rotor will have axial force, which will aggravate the bearing load, and the long-term operation will increase the bearing temperature. At this time, the valve plate should be replaced in time.

2. Impact of vibration: when the pump body or bearing has a big sensation, the bearing temperature will be too high. Check the vacuum pump body to find out the cause of vibration, eliminate the vibration, and the bearing temperature will recover.

3. Bearing preload is too large: this situation will promote the reduction of bearing clearance or no clearance, forming bearing temperature rise, so the bearing preload of the pump should be reduced.

4. Failure of shaft end seal: when the packing of shaft end seal is damaged or the seal water channel is blocked, air will enter into the pump body from these damaged gaps, resulting in the decrease of suction and exhaust performance of water ring vacuum pump, and the axial force of rotor,

Increase the bearing load, thus increasing the bearing temperature. At this time, replace the shaft end seal packing.

5. Bearing damage: when the bearing rolls and the bearing cage is damaged, the bearing will overheat. When the bearing is damaged, replace the new bearing in time.

The above is the reason for the bearing heating of water ring vacuum pump. In fact, most of the reason for the bearing heating of the equipment is that the internal parts of the equipment are damaged, but the bearing heating of the equipment will cause the whole equipment heating. Therefore, when the bearing heating occurs in the use process, it is necessary to find out the reason for the heating and then follow the corresponding solutions To solve this problem, of course, in order to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, we need to regularly maintain the equipment, and then extend the service life of the equipment.

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