Directly connected liquid ring vacuum pump

Directly connected liquid ring vacuum pump of product overview

Liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor are used to vacuum pump or compress air and other non corrosive, water-insoluble and solid particles free gases, so as to form vacuum and pressure in closed containers. However, a small amount of liquid is allowed to mix in the inhalation gas.
Before using this product, please read this manual in detail and operate it correctly according to the requirements of the manual to prevent accidental failure and damage.

Directly connected liquid ring vacuum pump scope of application
The product is mainly used for suction of gas which does not contain solid particles, is insoluble in liquid and has no corrosive effect. Through the function of liquid ring, the seal system that is pumped will produce negative pressure, so it can play the functions of vacuum filtration, vacuum drying, vacuum dehydration, vacuum extraction and so on. The vacuum pump adopts bronze impeller and valve plate, which is stronger than other vacuum pumps. If it is used for suction of gas, steam or liquid with corrosive effect, corresponding corrosion-resistant materials must be used, which can be specified at the time of ordering.

Directly connected liquid ring vacuum pump working principle
As shown in the right figure, the impeller is eccentrically installed in the circular vacuum pump body. Before starting, a certain amount of water should be injected into the vacuum pump. When the impeller rotates, the liquid forms a liquid ring due to the centrifugal force, and a space is formed between each two blades of the impeller and the liquid ring of the hub, which changes in volume with the rotation of the impeller. When the volume becomes larger, inhale; when the volume becomes smaller, exhaust. Thus it plays the role of cylinder and piston. At the same time, due to the loss of some liquid with gas in the process of exhaust, it is necessary to continuously supply water to ensure the normal and stable operation of the vacuum pump.

Directly connected liquid ring vacuum pump working principle

1. Pump cover  2. Liquid ring  3. Exhaust port  4. Impeller  5. Inspiratory port

Directly connected liquid ring vacuum pump

Directly connected liquid ring vacuum pump

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