Vacuum pump in the field of organic cultural relics protection

The specific application of vacuum pump in the field of organic heritage protection

China is a country with a long history with a large number of cultural relics and a wide variety of ancient works of art whose rich cultural connotation and historical value has long attracted the attention of the world. However, with the passing of the years, these precious historical relics will suffer from modern environmental pollution, temperature, light, water, oxygen, biological and other aspects of erosion and decay, rust, crisp powder appearance is also blurred so that different degrees of loss of its cultural relic value. In particular, organic cultural relics such as wood slips, bamboo slips, paper files, textiles and other important symbols of historical inheritance are extremely fragile cultural heritage, so it is very important for the long-term preservation and protection of such cultural relics. In order to better protect those fragile organic heritage and ancient art, vacuum pump manufacturers developed a set of imported vacuum pump in the field of organic heritage protection specific application of vacuum solutions.

Vacuum pump in the field of organic cultural relics protection

Surface seal has become a routine procedure of almost all cultural relics conservation and restoration. Most cultural relics are coated with protective layer to prevent moisture and air pollution, improve corrosion resistance and extend their preservation time. Due to the special needs of the protection of cultural relics have strict requirements for coating colorless, transparent, normal temperature drying, coating thickness as thin as possible, without rotation, weather resistance and ultraviolet aging resistance should have better reason to place as much as possible and ensure the surface of cultural relics in the long period of time less erosion of the outside is to prevent the corrosion and wear and not change the original appearance or damage of cultural relics.

In recent years, a large number of modern science and technology and methods have been introduced into the field of cultural relic protection under the background of multidisciplinary integration. At present, the application of imported vacuum pump technology in the protection of cultural relics is still limited, mainly used for vacuum freeze-drying technology of water-saturated cultural relics, vacuum coating layer for sealing metal ware surface, vacuum archives bag to prevent paper archives from mildew, and vacuum nitrogen filling method to preserve fragile unearthed relics.

Precious pattra-leaf scriptures stored in vacuum sealing of organic glass can effectively solve the environmental problem such as moisture, oxidation and biological hazards, the greatest degree of protection of cultural relics to their original state, both to meet the requirements of the spectator, and can reduce the dependence of museums, such as storage environment, the specific requirements of the size of per artifacts shape provides a stable closed space, satisfy the requirement of the relics kept ideal. This advanced preservation method of organic cultural relics has many advantages, such as good effect, less investment, simple and easy protection, no protective damage, no impact on the display of cultural relics, etc.

Through the study of the above content, it can be seen that the imported vacuum pump technology as a more ideal method of effective preservation of organic heritage has a strong reality. It not only solves the direct dependence of cultural relics on the environment, but also ensures the authenticity of cultural relics and brings aesthetics and flexibility to the exhibition of precious cultural relics. Therefore, it can be said that vacuum technology has great potential in the long-term effective preservation and protection of cultural relics.

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