Liquid Ring Pump for Ozone Production

Ozone formation of principle

The principle of ozone generation is obtained by corona discharge method, which is to generate ozone by corona discharge of oxygen-containing gas under the action of alternating high voltage electric field at atmospheric pressure. Corona discharge ozone generator is an ozone generator with low relative energy consumption, single machine ozone production, market share and wide application. Oxygen in the gas is O 2. After bombardment by high frequency and high pressure, O 2 becomes unstable O 3, while O 3 is unstable and its oxidation ability is greatly improved. We use the strong oxidation of O 3 to sterilize, disinfect, deodorize and industrial oxidation. Split Oxygen Production System: Used for supporting gas source of large ozone generator. Compressors, chillers, molecular towers, oxygen storage tanks, electrical control cabinets, etc. The small output is 1 cubic metre per hour, and the output can reach 300 cubic metres per hour. The cost is high, the system is complex and the volume is huge.

Next, we introduce the liquid ring vacuum pump used for ozone generation.

Liquid Ring Pump for Ozone Production

The 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump consists of pump cover, pump body, disk, impeller, mechanical seal, motor and other parts. The intake pipe and exhaust pipe are connected with the pump cavity through the suction and exhaust holes installed on the disk on the pump cover. The shaft is eccentrically installed in the pump body. The impeller is fixed on the shaft with a flat key. The gap between the two ends of the 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump is adjusted by the cushion between the pump body and the disk. The gap between the impeller and the disk on the pump cover is regulated by the disk and the disk. The pad between the pump body is adjusted. The clearance between the impeller end face and the disc on the pump cover determines the loss of gas and its limit pressure in the flow from the intake port to the exhaust port in the pump chamber.

The seal of 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump adopts mechanical seal, which is installed between impeller and pump body. The clearance between impeller and pump body is determined by mechanical seal.

The disc is installed on the cover of 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump, and the disc is equipped with suction, exhaust holes and flexible exhaust valve sheets. The function of flexible valve sheets is to discharge gas before the exhaust port when the gas pressure between impeller blades reaches the exhaust pressure, which reduces the power consumed by excessive gas pressure and thus reduces the rate consumption.

2BV Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump of Product Description

The 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor system consists of vacuum pump (compressor), motor and gas-water separator pipeline.

The working process of 2BV liquid-ring vacuum pump and compressor and gas-water separator is as follows: gas enters 2BV liquid-ring vacuum pump or compressor through pipeline through valve, then enters gas-water separator through exhaust pipe, and discharges through exhaust pipe of gas-water separator. When used as a compressor, the gas-water mixture discharged by the compressor is separated in the gas-water separator, and the gas is conveyed to the system requiring compressed gas through the valve. The working water in the 2B liquid ring V vacuum pump or compressor is reused by the gas-water separator without cooling drainage to the vacuum pump. The rest of the working water is supplemented by the water supply pipe. The size of the water supply is adjusted by the valve on the water supply pipe.

The difference between gas suction and pressure delivery systems is only that the internal structure of the gas-water separator is different. When sucking gas, the suction pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, while the exhaust pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure, and the gas-water separator has overflow pipe; when pressurizing gas, the suction pressure is atmospheric (or vacuum) and the exhaust pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure. In order to ensure the pressure of conveying gas, the water level of the gas-water separator passes through the overflow switch. Control.

2BV liquid ring vacuum pump is widely used in the whole industrial field, with good product performance, energy saving and environmental protection, and long service life.

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