How to judge whether the dry vacuum pump is qualified

Dry vacuum pump appetite new vacuum pump, the application industry is some high-tech or special for vacuum environment, so it adopts unique design, and its performance is relatively stable. So how should we judge whether the equipment with such good performance is qualified or not, and what aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing? This article lists a few points, the following is the details.

How to judge whether the dry vacuum pump is qualified

1, limit vacuum degree: of course, the lower the vacuum limit is, the better. At present, the domestic product is generally about 5Pa, and the import is about 1Pa.

2. Vibration and noise: vibration must be small, noise must be less than 80 dB.

3. If it is used in a corrosive environment, it is better to ask the manufacturer for a sample of the same coating, and put it in the factory for a test. If the coating or coating ratio used by each manufacturer is different, its performance will be greatly different.

4. Sealing: This is also very important, but only from the manufacturer’s instructions, directly or after connecting to the system, determine whether there is leakage through the medium.

Basically is the above points to judge, the first and second points determine the level of dry vacuum pump processing and design technology, which will also affect the service life of the pump, the third and fourth points will also affect its life, but also need to prove the experiment.

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