Difference between vacuum pump oil and common lubricating oil

Many users may ask this question: can oil be used for rotary vane vacuum pump? The answer is No. So why does the rotary vane vacuum pump use the specified lubricating oil? Let’s analyze it in detail.

Some rotary vane vacuum pump users use ordinary oil instead of vacuum pump oil in order to save costs. In fact, this not only increases the use and maintenance costs of vacuum pump to a certain extent, but also seriously affects the service life of vacuum pump. Why do rotary vane vacuum pump choose vacuum pump oil.

vacuum pump oil selection guide

1. Vacuum pump oil has a certain viscosity. The viscosity determines the tightness of the vacuum pump. If the viscosity is too small, the tightness is not good. If the viscosity is too high, the friction between the blades in the pump and the cylinder block will be increased, and the lubrication effect will be worse. At the same time, the rotation of the rotor will be difficult, the pressure of the motor will be higher, and the oil temperature will be higher and higher. The increase of oil temperature will accelerate the emulsification of pump oil, and affect the vacuum degree.

2. The chemical properties of vacuum pump oil tend to be more stable, and the content of water, water-soluble acid, insoluble alkali and other impurities are much smaller. The use of special oil energy efficiency avoids the problem of replacing vacuum pump oil many times and ensuring the cleanliness of the pump.

3. Vacuum pump oil saturated vapor pressure to be low, volatile light fraction to be less. If it is common vacuum pump oil or engine oil, it is easy to volatilize. If it is non vacuum pump oil, it will face the situation of frequent refueling.

It can be seen from the above points that the use of regular vacuum pump special oil can effectively prevent the pump oil from emulsification, carbonization and other adverse factors on the vacuum pump, fundamentally solve the difficulty of maintenance of the vacuum pump, and improve the service life of the vacuum pump.

In addition, during the use of vacuum pump, the use of vacuum pump oil should be checked frequently. The emulsification, carbonization, inclusion of non impurity or unknown liquid, and sudden increase of vacuum pump oil must be replaced as soon as possible. At the same time, it must be confirmed that the same type of vacuum pump oil can be purchased from a professional vacuum pump manufacturer to ensure that the vacuum pump oil can be replaced Normal use of.

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