Low Noise Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Water ring vacuum pump is a kind of coarse vacuum pump. Its working principle is that the impeller is eccentrically installed in the pump body. When the impeller rotates, the water entering the pump body is thrown around by the impeller. Because of the centrifugal force, the water forms a closed water ring with the same thickness as the shape of the pump chamber. The upper inner surface of the water ring is just tangent to the hub of the impeller, and the lower inner surface of the water ring is in contact with the top of the blade. When the pressure of the gas is stronger than the exhaust pressure, the compressed gas is discharged from the exhaust port. During the continuous operation of the pump, the process of suction, compression and exhaust is continuously carried out, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous exhaust. Sometimes there will be some noise in the process of using water-ring vacuum pump, of course, slightly normal, but too loud noise must be paid attention to, need to check where the problem is, and then “prescribe the right medicine”, the following summarizes the possible causes of noise and the corresponding solutions. For your reference:

When water ring vacuum pump is in operation, it will produce noise for various reasons, so how to solve the noise? EVP main water ring pumps: water ring vacuum pump, 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump, 2BE liquid ring vacuum pump, 2SK liquid ring vacuum pump, DLV liquid ring vacuum pump, CL liquid ring vacuum pump, Roots water ring vacuum unit, etc.


1. Water Ring Vacuum Pump with Spring Vibration Isolator:

(1) Selection of Spring

The diameter of the spring should be no less than 0.8 times its height under rated load.

The spring must have a certain extra stroke, and the vortex flowmeter is at least half of the rated static deflection.

The horizontal stiffness of the spring is at least the same as the rigidity to ensure the stability of the shock absorber.

(2) Selection of Water Ring Vacuum Pump-Spring Vibration Isolator Style

Self-standing spring damper is generally used in water ring vacuum pump, which has the advantages of simple structure and low cost; the spring is exposed, so that the state of the spring can be observed at any time, and the spring that needs to be replaced can be disposed of ahead of time to avoid sudden settlement of water ring vacuum pump or damage to water ring pump equipment when the spring rust is excessively damaged. Pipeline breakage, etc.

(3) Deflection Selection of Water Ring Vacuum Pump-Spring Damper

Generally, the rated deflection of spring damper (rated compression of spring) provided by manufacturer is 25MM (self-frequency value is about 3-4HZ), which can be used for vibration isolation of water-ring vacuum pump at 650 rpm. When the speed is lower than 650, spring isolator with deflection below 40 is recommended.

2. Water Ring Vacuum Pump with Sui Base

In order to meet stricter vibration control standards, it is a better choice for water ring vacuum pump to install Sui base and use spring isolator together.

3. Water Ring Vacuum Pump with Rubber Isolator

Rubber vibration isolators are usually made of chloroprene rubber and natural rubber. Compression rubber shock absorbers are usually used. For water ring vacuum pumps with lighter weight, shear rubber shock absorbers are used.

The common methods to reduce noise are to install vibration isolator and inert base. Before reducing the noise of water ring vacuum pump, we should first analyze the causes of noise, and then take corresponding measures according to the specific reasons, so as to make the right medicine.

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