Symmetrical claw single-stage dry vacuum pump

Symmetrical claw type single stage dry vacuum pump of overview

Symmetrical claw type single-stage dry vacuum pump is a kind of non-contact dry vacuum pump. There is a gap between the claw and the pump body and between the two claws. There is no friction and friction between the two claws, so it has a long service life. There is no need to inject working fluid such as water or lubricating oil into the pump cavity, no maintenance, no replacement of accessories, low operation cost, no pollutant discharge, high energy efficiency, and it can extract the gas containing a large amount of steam and a small amount of dust, which is not easy to be blocked and easy to clean.

Symmetrical claw single-stage dry vacuum pump

Symmetrical claw type single-stage dry vacuum pump is a kind of rotary volumetric vacuum pump. There are two symmetrical claw rotors in the pump cavity. There is a gap between the two claws and between the claw and the shell. The drive shaft of the motor is connected with the driving rotor, and the driven rotor is driven by a pair of high-precision synchronous gears to rotate synchronously and reversely in the pump chamber. The meshing of the two claws divides the cavity into suction cavity, exhaust chamber and conveying cavity. With the rotation of claw, the volume of suction cavity gradually increases, and turns to the exhaust side, and the volume becomes smaller. The gas is compressed and discharged from the exhaust port. With the continuous rotation of the claw, the process of suction and exhaust goes on and on again and again, and each cycle has two inspirations and exhausts.

Symmetrical claw type single stage dry vacuum pump of advantages

There is no water or oil and other media in the pump cavity, clean and evacuated, no pollutant discharge, no waste disposal cost and no pollution to the environment.

It has simple structure, no friction, no friction, easy operation and maintenance, low running cost, and can work continuously for a long time under high entrance pressure. The claw type is symmetrical, and it needs no dynamic balancing, stable operation and low noise.

Symmetrical claw single-stage dry vacuum pump

It can remove corrosive gas, toxic gas, flammable and explosive gas, radioactive gas, gas containing dust and condensable gas (such as water vapor, organic gas, etc.);

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel SS304 can be achieved by nano nickel infiltration in the gas overflow part.

Professional design of the spindle seal structure, to ensure the pump cavity and gear cavity completely sealed, to ensure the normal operation of the pump.
Compared with horizontal structure, vertical structure has absolute advantages in discharging liquid and dust. There is no pollution to the process medium.

The ability of pumping condensable gas and gas-liquid mixture is strong, and the tail gas is recovered at the pump outlet.
Jacket cooling structure, low exhaust temperature.

Roots claw pump vacuum unit

Roots claw pump vacuum unit is an oil-free vacuum equipment composed of claw pump as the front stage pump and roots pump as the main pump in series. It has the characteristics of high vacuum degree, large air extraction rate and remarkable energy saving effect. Widely used in chemical industry, medicine, electronics, metallurgy, food and other industries.

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