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Speaking of the application of vacuum pumps in Thailand, there are too many kinds of vacuum pumps. They are widely used in plastic machinery, pesticide chemical industry, Dyestuff Chemical industry, brick and tile machinery, cryogenic equipment, paper-making machinery, pharmaceutical chemical industry, food machinery, industrial electric furnaces, electronic industry, vacuum equipment, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, mining and land. Base processing and other fields.

Basic types and characteristics of vacuum pumps in Thailand:

Thailand liquid ring vacuum pumps can be divided into the following types according to different structures:

Single-stage single-acting liquid ring vacuum pump: single-stage refers to only one impeller, single-acting refers to the impeller every rotation cycle, suction, exhaust once. This kind of pump has higher limit vacuum, but lower pumping speed and efficiency.

Single-stage double-acting liquid ring vacuum pump: single-stage refers to only one impeller, double-acting refers to the impeller every rotation of a week, suction, exhaust twice. Under the same pumping speed, the size and weight of double-acting water-ring pump are much smaller than that of single-acting water-ring pump. Because the working chamber is symmetrically distributed on both sides of the pump hub, the load acting on the rotor is improved. This kind of pump has higher pumping speed and efficiency, but lower limit vacuum.

Two-stage liquid-ring vacuum pump: Most of the two-stage liquid-ring vacuum pumps are single-acting pumps in series. In essence, the impellers of two single-stage single-acting liquid ring vacuum pumps are joined together by a common spindle. Its main feature is that it still has a large pumping speed at a higher vacuum, and its working condition is stable.

Atmospheric liquid ring vacuum pump: Atmospheric liquid ring vacuum pump is actually a set of air ejector series liquid ring vacuum pump. The air pump in series in front of the water ring pump is designed to improve the limit vacuum and expand the use of the pump.

Compared with other types of mechanical vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps have the following advantages:

1. The structure is simple, the manufacturing accuracy is not high, and it is easy to process. Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

2. Compact structure. Pumps are usually directly connected with motors, with high rotational speed. With smaller structure size, larger exhaust volume can be obtained.

3. There is no metal friction surface in the pump chamber, so there is no need to lubricate the pump. The sealing between the rotating part and the fixing part can be accomplished directly by the water seal.

4. The temperature change of the compressed gas in the pump chamber is very small, which can be regarded as isothermal compression. Therefore, flammable and explosive gases can be removed.

4. Because there is no exhaust valve and friction surface, dust-laden gas, condensable gas and gas-water mixture can be removed.


Thailand liquid ring vacuum pump shortcomings:

1. Low efficiency, generally around 30%, better up to 50%.

2. Low vacuum. This is not only due to structural constraints, but also to the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid.

Thailand vacuum pump Application:

Application in power industry: condenser vacuum pumping, vacuum water absorption, flue gas desulfurization, fly ash transportation, turbine sealed pipe exhaust, vacuum exhaust, geothermal exhaust.

Applications in petrochemical industry: gas recovery, gas recovery, gas boost, enhanced oil recovery, gas collection, crude oil stabilization, vacuum distillation of crude oil, exhaust compression, steam recovery/gas boost, filtration/dewaxing, tail gas recovery, polyester production, PVC production, packaging, cyclic gas compression, pressure swing adsorption (PSA), production, compression of flammable and explosive gases such as acetylene and hydrogen, vacuum system at the top of tower in vacuum distillation of crude oil, vacuum crystallization and drying, vacuum filtration and vacuum transportation of various materials.

Applications in manufacturing industry: drying (pallets, rotations, reversals, cones and freeze dryers), regeneration/reactor drying, distillation, degassing, crystallization/vaporization, filling and/or material transfer.

Application in pulp and paper production: black liquor evaporation, crude pulp washer, lime slurry and filter, precipitate filter, vacuum dehydrator, raw material and white water degassing system, mixing box compressor, suction box, suction roll and transfer roll, vacuum pressing, wool suction box, blower box.

Application in plastic industry: extruder degassing, setting table (profile), EPS foaming, drying, pneumatic conveying device, vinyl chloride gas extraction and compression.

Application in instruments: Steam sterilization, breathing device, pneumatic mattress, protective clothing, dental instrument, central vacuum system.

Application in environmental protection industry: wastewater treatment, biogas compression, vacuum water addition, wastewater purification/activated sludge tank oxidation, fish pond ventilation, waste gas recovery (biogas), biogas recovery (biogas), waste treatment machine.

Application in food and beverage industry: salmon cleaner, mineral water degassing, salad oil and fat deodorization, tea and condiment sterilization, sausage and ham production, tobacco products humidification, vacuum evaporator.

Application in packaging industry: filling bags with air, opening bags by means of air extraction, transporting packaging materials and products, attaching labels and packing articles with glue, lifting cardboard boxes by means of vacuum manipulator, and assembling, vacuum packaging and ventilation packaging (MAP), production of PET containers and plastics. Particle drying, plastic particle conveying, extruder degassing, injection moulding, film removal and treatment of injection parts, injection moulding drying, bottle blowing, plasma treatment, to set up isolation layer, bottle pneumatic conveying, filling and filling, labeling, packaging and moulding, recycling.

Application in wood processing industry: maintenance and snatch, wood drying, wood preservation, log impregnation.

Application in marine industry: condenser exhaust, central vacuum pumping, marine low-pressure air compressor, turbine sealed pipe exhaust.

Application in facility treatment: drying floor, water pipeline anti-corrosion protection, central vacuum cleaning system.

Application in metallurgical industry: steel degassing.

Application in sugar industry: preparation of carbon dioxide, filtrate of dirt, application in evaporator and vacuum sucker.

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