How to choose the right vacuum pump oil

We all know that vacuum pump oil is a kind of lubricating oil specially developed for vacuum pump on vacuum equipment. It plays a very important role in rotary piston vacuum pump. Its performance is closely related to vacuum pump oil, especially the limit vacuum pressure and service life of vacuum pump. Vacuum pump oil is not only the medium to obtain vacuum, but also plays the role of lubrication, cooling and sealing on the friction point of vacuum pump. How to choose the right vacuum pump oil for rotary piston vacuum pump?

For the manufacturers of vacuum pump, the use of high-quality vacuum pump oil can improve the comprehensive performance of the pump, bring benefits to the vast majority of users, and create a strong brand effect. For users, if they are very satisfied with the use effect of ex factory oil, they don’t need to spend time to find other oil products and reduce costs.

Vacuum pump is a part that will be included in some mechanical equipment now. It can be said that it plays a key role in the equipment. Therefore, if you want to improve the service life of the equipment now, you need to complete the lubrication work for the vacuum pump. For example, the vacuum pump oil that appears now can also complete the lubrication of the vacuum pump, which is a kind of lubricating oil that enterprises can pay attention to now.

How to choose the right vacuum pump oil

The main properties of vacuum pump oil are as follows:

1. Very low vapor pressure. This is the most important performance of vacuum pump oil. Because screw vacuum pump requires a high vacuum degree, paraffin base oil is generally used.

2. Good thermal oxidation stability. The vacuum pump is developing at a high speed. Because of the high-speed friction between the slide and the pump body, the oil temperature increases and the oil is easy to oxidize and decompose. Especially, the diffusion pump works in a very high temperature environment, which increases the vapor pressure in the system and reduces the vacuum degree. Therefore, the vacuum pump oil is required to have good thermal oxidation stability.

3. Proper viscosity and good viscosity temperature characteristics. The constant change of the volume in the cavity of the vacuum pump results in the exhaust effect, which requires that the lubricating oil should have appropriate viscosity and viscosity temperature characteristics.

Although vacuum pump oil can have certain lubricating effect, its characteristics should be considered when selecting. First of all, vacuum pump oil needs to have proper viscosity, which is very important.

How to choose the right vacuum pump oil for rotary piston vacuum pump? There are different ways of selection in different situations.

1. If it is cold and difficult to start, vacuum pump oil with a lower viscosity grade can be selected.

2. If the vacuum pump works at a higher pump temperature for a long time, for example, if the vacuum pump works in a hot summer environment, the suction gas is heated or the inlet pressure is higher, the high-quality vacuum pump oil with a higher viscosity grade can be selected, or the vacuum pump oil with high temperature and high load can be applied.

3. If the temperature of the vacuum pump is high, and the standard for the ultimate full pressure of the pump is not high, for example, the ultimate full pressure of the two-stage pump is 5pa, the qualified oil with viscosity of 100 or 150 can be selected instead. Also can choose the same or slightly higher viscosity mechanical oil, compressor oil, mechanical oil price is lower.

4. If the oil change period is short or very short, and the performance standard can be met, the qualified vacuum pump oil with the same viscosity or slightly higher viscosity can be selected.

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