Compound vacuum gauge

This series of composite vacuum meters is composed of a Pirani resistance vacuum meter and a hot cathode ionization vacuum meter. Adopt Pirani resistance gauge zj-52t series and hot cathode ionization gauge zj-12 series.
This series of compound vacuum meters use the single chip microcomputer system to carry on the non-linear processing and the error correction to the measurement data, so it has the advantages of higher accuracy and repeatability, fast response, stable and reliable measurement, strong anti-interference ability, etc., and is one of the ideal instruments for wide range vacuum measurement.

Compound vacuum gauge

Compound vacuum gauge characteristic

·2U standard aluminum profile spray molding case, Omron touch the key, green or red highlighted LED display.
·Switch power supply is used internally, which has better anti surge, anti EFT ability and excellent EMC performance than traditional analog power supply.
·With digital filter and photoelectric isolation technology, it has high measurement accuracy and anti-interference ability.
·Six groups of control signals are output and indicated by indicator lights.
·An independent control system can measure, control and display two measuring signals at the same time.
·Single chip microcomputer system is used for nonlinear compensation and error correction, and the pressure to be measured is displayed in the whole digital way, with automatic shift and multiple control functions output.
·The front panel resistance measurement part is equipped with “zero +“, “zero –“, and “full” button type calibration, which can ensure the accuracy and convenient adjustment of the instrument in the low vacuum section.

Compound vacuum gauge technical parameter

Measurement range (PA) 1 × 105 ~ 1 × 10-8
Display window 2 windows display
Control mode: 6-way point control or area control
Control point output mode 6-bit terminal output
6-bit terminal output of communication and analog output mode
Connecting gauge zj-52t ① zj-12 ①
Electrical parameters of ionization gauge: anode voltage: 200V; cathode voltage: 50V; emission current: 4mA / 400 μ a
Display mode LED digital display: scientific counting method (1.0e 5 Pa means 1 × 105 PA)
Zero drift ± 5%
Control range full range control
Two ways of measurement
Analog output 0-5V and 4-20mA (optional)
Communication output RS232 and RS485 (optional)
Input power AC / 50Hz 220V ± 10%
Rated power consumption 50W
Instrument net weight 2.5kg
Ambient temperature: – 10 to 60 ℃ humidity: < 90%

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