Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Application

With the development of coal mine, pharmaceutical industry and paper industry, the requirement of liquid ring vacuum pump is becoming larger and larger. Before 2000, only 3-4 enterprises were able to produce liquid ring vacuum pumps with pumping capacity of more than 100 m3/min in China, and the annual output of the whole country was only a few dozen. After only three years, more than 10 large-scale vacuum pumps can be produced in China by 2003. According to incomplete statistics, the output of large-scale vacuum pumps in China is over several hundred. These products are mainly used in:

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Coal Mine Industry

As the country has strengthened the safety requirements for coal mines, it has become a necessary safety requirement for coal mining industry to use liquid ring vacuum pumps, especially large liquid ring vacuum pumps to extract gas. With the further strengthening of national safety work, large and super large liquid ring vacuum pumps will be more and more widely used in coal mine systems.

In addition, due to the rapid increase in coal production, the vacuum filters used in coal washing and coal preparation are also developing towards large-scale. In the 1980s, most of them were equipped with liquid ring vacuum pumps with a pumping capacity of 27m3/min, which was also large at that time. In recent years, large-scale liquid ring vacuum pumps with air extraction capacity of 80-150 m3/min have been selected for coal mine filters, some of which reach more than 200 m3/min, and the air volume continues to increase.

2BV series liquid ring vacuum pump

2BV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Paper Industry

At the end of last century and the beginning of this century, our national debt has been invested in the paper industry, which accounts for a large proportion. Paper mills all over the country are scrambling to upgrade their level and scale. This has greatly stimulated the development and production of large-scale liquid ring vacuum pumps. A paper mill has transformed a super-large liquid ring vacuum pump with a pumping capacity of 400 IIl3/min. The largest size liquid ring vacuum pump manufactured in China was 6, with a total power distribution of 400 kW. It can be said that in recent years, 50% of the large liquid ring vacuum pumps with pumping capacity of more than 100 m3/min are used in paper industry, and the development trend is increasing.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Pharmaceutical Industry

Vacuum concentration, dehydration, drying and distillation are the main technological processes of pharmaceutical enterprises. The technological transformation of pharmaceutical enterprises is also on the top level and scale, which is more obvious in some large pharmaceutical enterprises. In the past, most of them used small pumps less than 10 m3/min, but now, in the bidding of these enterprises, medium and large pumps with pumping capacity more than 20 m3/min have taken up the majority. In addition, many factories in the pharmaceutical industry used to use two-stage liquid-ring vacuum pumps with pumping capacity of 6-12 m3/min in the past, but now they are equipped with two-stage liquid-ring vacuum pumps of 20-30 m3/min, and some of them reach 60 m3/min.

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