vacuum pump for mould industry

In modern factories, it is an urgent task to respond to market competition, save manpower, improve quality and reduce cost. Using the die temperature machine can reduce the preheating time of the die, improve the surface quality of the finished product, and make the production fully automatic. Extending die life is a necessary means to improve productivity. The vacuum pump can be used in the mold temperature control equipment of the plastic industry water mold machine and the casting industry mold temperature machine. I want to make sure that many users will want to know why vacuum pumps are used in mold temperature control equipment. Next, I will analyze the reasons.

Vacuum pump is widely used in mold temperature control equipment :

1. Improve the forming efficiency of products;

2. Reduce the generation of defective products;

3. Improve product appearance and restrain product defects;

4. Accelerate production progress, reduce energy consumption and save energy.


The surface quality and product precision of plastic parts can be improved by using vacuum pump:

1. Eliminate the appearance defects of products. Avoid the phenomenon of moving core, high surface temperature of cavity, overflow at the closing position, difficulty in demoulding and easy shrinkage of plastic parts.

2. Avoid the influence of large temperature difference on the surface of mold cavity, the influence of temperature fluctuation on product shrinkage, stabilize the dimensional accuracy of product shape, and prevent warpage and stress cracking of product after demoulding.

3. Improve the mechanical and physical properties of plastic parts.

Precautions for using vacuum pump in oil mold temperature machine in die casting industry:

1. Check whether there is enough heat medium and no pressure. When adding hot oil, it must be determined within the range of the oil level gauge. The alarm is too low and the start-up is too high.

2. Smoke exhaust and gas not only affect the heat exchange efficiency, but also the efficiency of the pump. Run for 10 minutes first, after the pressure is normal, heat to 120 degrees, and then exhaust.

3. Pay special attention not to have impurities when refueling. There are examples of damaging the pump head. To stabilize the synthetic oil, change it regularly, stop the temperature and reduce the scale.

4. The selection of die materials requires high wear resistance and hardness, which must be heat treated, and the cutting ability before heat treatment is good.

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