Oil-free vacuum pumps

Oil free vacuum pumps product overview:

Oil free vacuum pumps, is a clean vacuum pump, do not need oil lubrication can work, will not pollute the environment and be treated products. Suitable for vacuum drying, vacuum concentration operations, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, medical equipment, printing, book binding, packaging, blister molding and laboratory fields.

Oil-free vacuum pump

Oil-free vacuum pumps of features:

1. Since there is no oil vapor in the oil-free vacuum pump, the working environment and the processed products will not be polluted by oil when it is used. It is an ideal vacuum equipment used in industries that strictly require oil-free vapor.
2, oil-free vacuum pump does not need oil lubrication vacuum pump, frequent maintenance and maintenance can be greatly reduced, there is no need for the lack of vacuum oil, to bring a lot of inconvenience and trouble for maintenance.
3. Oil-free vacuum pump is directly connected by motor, compact in structure, light in weight and smaller in size than other types of pumps.
4. The oil-free vacuum pump adopts the high-speed rotation of multiple blades to avoid the pulse fluctuation in each air exhaust.
5, oil-free vacuum pump can open the atmosphere continuous operation.

Why are oil-free vacuum pumps so popular

After the appearance of oil-free vacuum pump, it was welcomed by many enterprises or units and became a necessary part of daily work, which provided better conditions for production and research. Why is the oil-free vacuum pump so popular? Please look at the following reasons.

When using traditional vacuum pump, in order to let run more smoothly, will join such things as lubricating oil, so need to regular cleaning maintenance, and enterprise production is the most important is the time, when using traditional vacuum pump, had to short-term to stop production, which will bring incalculable economic loss, and oil-free vacuum pumps do not need to use the lubricating oil, running stability, use cycle is long, no pollution, etc.

The noise pollution of the traditional vacuum pump is a big problem, but the non-oil pump, especially the piston-type oil-free vacuum pump, has been tested and explored by various manufacturers to reduce the noise pollution of the vacuum pump to a lower level, reducing the noise pollution of the factory.

Oil-free vacuum pump energy saving and high efficiency, compared with traditional vacuum pump. Under the same energy supply, the oil-free piston vacuum pump can run for more time, which effectively saves the running cost and brings more benefits and profits to the manufacturer.

It is the advantages mentioned above that make oil-free vacuum pump widely popular. Moreover, in this era of advocating energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection, the use of oil-free vacuum pump can also make us go further on the road of sustainable development.

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