Molecular pump for Mass Spectrometer

Molecular pump in Mass Spectrometer of application

Analytical instruments need clean and dry high vacuum system, the vacuum range is 10-10 ~ 10-3mbar, turbomolecular pump technology has laid the foundation for the wide application of mass spectrometer and other analytical instruments.

Molecular pump for Mass Spectrometer

Requirements of vacuum technology

High vacuum system mainly includes molecular pump, mechanical pump, dry pump and vacuum gauge. The requirements of analytical instrument manufacturers and end users for vacuum system mainly include: performance of molecular pump, including pumping rate, gas compression ratio, inlet load, requirements of front stage vacuum, etc.; front stage vacuum, such as mechanical pump, dry pump, etc.; low cost, including original equipment cost, operation cost, operation cost, etc Maintenance cost, maintenance cycle, on-site maintenance, etc.; reliability, safety; space size, installation angle, power consumption, etc.


Portable Mass Spectrometer

The portable mass spectrometer can meet the needs of real-time analysis in different fields, such as rapid qualitative analysis of unidentified hazardous substances, real-time analysis in the field, closed environment monitoring, multi-point monitoring of industrial process control, etc. These applications require the vacuum system of portable mass spectrometer to be small in size, light in weight and low in energy consumption. The combination of EVP molecular pump and dry vacuum pump can meet these requirements. For example, molecular pump and dry vacuum pump, the pumping speed can reach 10 L / s, and the ultimate vacuum of 10-5mbar can be obtained quickly.


Online 4 stages Mass Spectrometer

Online 4 stages mass spectrometer is mainly used for online analysis of gas components, and is widely used in catalysis, environmental analysis, fermentation, fuel cell, metallurgy, geological analysis, isotope analysis, gas calibration, automobile exhaust analysis, laser technology, chemistry and chemical engineering, semiconductor Industry and other fields. The main applications are molecular pumps or split turbo molecular pumps and dry vacuum pumps. The dry and clean vacuum environment avoids the use of mechanical pumps to return oil and cause oil pollution. The use of split-flow turbomolecular pumps saves space, is easy to integrate, and is shock resistant.


Inductively coupled plasma MassSpectrometer

In ICP-MS, the EVP vacuum shunt turbomolecular pump is mainly installed.

Each MS system has its own unique design requirements, tailor-made for customers, size, power, pumping rate, load, compression ratio and other parameters are designed according to specific requirements.


Other Mass Spectrometer Applications

EVP vacuum molecular pump is also widely used in TOF-MS, PTR-MS, MS-MS, magnetic Mass spectrometer and other instruments.

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