Stainless steel air knife

Stainless steel air knife of product details

1. Outlet: 0.1mm air knife length: 0.2-3m
2. Adjustable outlet width (minimum 0.1mm)
3. All stainless steel SUS304 or 316L, acid and alkali resistant
4. According to the principle of aerodynamics, the wind resistance is small and the wind speed is medium.
5. The pressure can be 5kgf / cm2, the wind speed can reach 400m / s, the hot air can be blown, and the temperature can be 250 ℃

Stainless steel air knifeStainless steel air knife


Stainless steel air knife size

Air knife of high pressure blower of function

The air knife of the high pressure blower has a unique structure design, which is mainly composed of round air inlet, wide straight air duct, diverter plate, tapered air duct and a section of straight and narrow air duct. The width of the air duct can be adjusted, that is, the air outlet wind speed can be adjusted, the air volume can be adjusted, and the wind pressure can be adjusted. It has the characteristics of small wind resistance and small pressure loss. Due to its unique performance (can blow and suck), according to customer requirements: do long – do short; Caliber: Narrow to wide; A wide range of applications; In the industrial field, it can realize a large number of applications, such as blowing out the dust and moisture on the plane of steel plate, aluminum alloy profile, blowing out the water on the surface of beverage bottles, packaging cans and other bottles, blowing out the impurity dust on the surface of products, residual liquid, moisture on the outer packing, as well as conveyer belt cleaning. It is also suitable for air blowing, water removing, dust removal, water drying, air cooling and so on.

Air knife for high pressure blower of features

1. Uniform airflow, straight line blowing, no vibration, low noise (65~80DBA)

2. Strong wind, suitable for fast water removal and dust removal.

3, the structure is simple and firm, not easy to damage, long service life.

4, provide a variety of specifications of the length of the wind knife (100-2000mm) length can be customized.

5, according to the different length with different power blower.

6, energy saving, super wind speed, drying effect is obvious.

7. Work quietly (extremely low airflow noise).

8. Low air consumption.

9, balanced and stable air flow, especially for coating drying system application effect is good.

10, the wind knife itself does not need electricity, no moving parts.

11. No contact with the material surface is necessary for the air knife to dry, and no wiper or blade is required to scrape off the water and dirt on the material surface.

12. 6061 high-strength aluminum alloy is manufactured with small weight, compact size and beautiful appearance, and convenient installation.

13. Integrated structural design – compact, robust and easy to install.

14, the wind knife can adjust the wind and flow, according to different product drying adjustment.

15. Fully comply with THE maximum OSHA pressure and noise requirements.

High pressure blower air knife is as follows of the specific application:

1. Automobile industry: used for blowing out additional water, coolant, dust, debris, etc., and for cooling, drying and dust removal of steel plate before painting.

2. Electronics industry: Electronic circuit boards are quickly blow-dried before assembly.

3. Beverage canning and bottling: Remove moisture and attachments from the mouth or body of beverage bottles before they are labeled, inkjet or packaged.

4. Chemical industry: Remove surface chemicals or moisture before labeling or packaging.

5. Food and medicine: Blow away moisture and attachments before manufacturing or packaging, or open the bag before filling.

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