Liquid ring vacuum pump filter element classification

Liquid ring vacuum pump filter element classification and cleaning method

Liquid ring vacuum pump operation, must use the filter element filter element. It can be used to filter some impurities, etc., and block impurities inside the device. Equipment damage. Three filter elements are widely used in the market, but no matter which filter element is used, it needs to be cleaned when used. This is a small look at the liquid ring vacuum pump filter core classification and its cleaning method.

Liquid ring vacuum pump filter element classification

1, liquid ring vacuum pump for filter elements of classification

1. Intake filter element

It is mainly used to prevent solid particles or fine ash from entering the vacuum pump, avoid machine wear and ensure that the equipment is in a relatively stable state during operation. You can also protect the components inside the device. The service life used to define.

2. Oil filter element

The device is mainly used for lubricating oil filtration. It is also widely used. It is usually installed in the oil line, which is also critical to the operation of the equipment.

3. Exhaust filter element

It has a wide range of functions, can be used for exhaust resistance, also can be used for oil separation of liquid ring vacuum pump, so that the equipment in a relatively stable state.

2,  liquid ring vacuum pump filter core cleaning method

1. First, the pressure difference of the filter element should be set and recorded before cleaning.

2. Wash with caustic soda. Put the filter element into the cleaning vehicle. The cleaning specimen shall be suspended over the corrosion specimen to detect the corrosion of the filtrate. If corrosion is serious, timely adjustment is required. Otherwise, the filter element may be damaged. During the cleaning process, it is necessary to clean the excess oil and carbon deposits on the filter element and raise the temperature to 90 to 105°C, which can also act as a disinfectant for 24-48 hours.

3. After alkali washing, put the filter element into THE CCL cleaning car, clean the bitumen and coke powder on the filter element, and then wash the filter element at room temperature for 20 hours and 24 hours. Make sure the cleaning fluid is cleaned to each location of the filter element.

4. Check after cleaning. The inside and outside of each filter element and the surface cleanliness must be checked with a 30x magnifier gun.

Liquid ring vacuum pump

Above is the classification of filter element used in liquid ring vacuum pump and the cleaning method of filter element. However, we need to pay attention to normal use and avoid cleaning, including cleaning during cleaning. If you do not use professional cleaning tools or do not allow the use of cleaning conditions, then you need to go to a professional manufacturer for cleaning.

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