water ring vacuum pump material requirements

The material selection of water ring vacuum pump is the main factor that determines the performance and service life of a product, and it is also the main reason that leads to large differences in the same kind of products. Therefore, customers usually have high requirements for product materials. Water ring vacuum pump is a kind of widely used chemical equipment. What are the material requirements of water ring vacuum pump?

1. Sufficient mechanical strength and rigidity shall be provided to ensure that the shell can bear large atmospheric pressure and can not deform during heating and baking.

2. Good chemical stability. The material of the water ring vacuum pump shall have strong anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion ability, and shall not react with the working medium in the vacuum pump and the outgassing in the process.

3. The saturated vapor pressure should be low enough at working temperature and baking temperature.

4. Good thermal stability. In the working temperature range of the system, it can always maintain good vacuum performance and mechanical performance.


5. Under the working vacuum and working temperature, the devices inside the vacuum vessel should keep good working performance.

6. In addition, the material of water ring vacuum pump should have better ductility, machining performance and welding performance, and it is easy to process into complex shape shell.

7. Good air tightness. When it works, it must be kept in a very high vacuum environment, so the wall material can not have porous structure, cracks or other defects that form leakage, and the penetration rate and gas outlet rate are low.

The above is the introduction of the material requirements of the water ring vacuum pump. The reason why the material requirements of the vacuum pump equipment are relatively high is that it needs to work in a high vacuum state, the environment is relatively special, and the field it is applied to has relatively high requirements for the performance of various working equipment. Therefore, during the production process, it is necessary to carefully implement its work.

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