How to improve the vacuum of vacuum pump

Many customers will encounter the problem of low vacuum when using the rotary vane vacuum pump. What is the reason? How to solve it? Here EVP vacuum pump manufacturer summarizes some methods to improve vacuum degree of vacuum pump, and provides reference for everyone to learn, hoping to help you.

Air leakage of vacuum pump itself

1. The sealing ring is leaking.

Solution: check the sealing condition of all sealing parts and replace the damaged sealing ring.

2. The gasket of the valve is damaged or not tightened.

Solution: replace the gasket and tighten the valve.

3. the exhaust valve plate is damaged and the sealing is not good.

Solution: change the valve plate.

4. When the diaphragm is pressed into the vacuum pump, the interference is too large, which causes the deformation of the vacuum pump cavity and air leakage.

Solution: repair the vacuum pump cavity or replace it.

5. Air leakage is caused by poor oil seal on the end face of vacuum pump.

Solution: remove the end cover, check whether there are sundries or unevenness, and clean or repair.

Problems with vacuum pump oil

1. The oil level is too low.

Solution: add enough oil to the center line of oil standard.

2. The oil is polluted and the quality of the oil is bad.

Solution: replace with new oil.

3. The brand of oil does not match.

Solution: change the vacuum pump oil of specified brand.

4. The oil circuit is blocked, and the proper oil volume is not maintained in the vacuum pump cavity.

Solution: check the oil way and the oil inlet of the oil valve to keep the oil way unblocked.

The filter screen at the air inlet is blocked

Solution: remove the filter screen and clean it, then install it,

The spring of the rotor is deformed or broken and the action of the rotating plate is not effective

Solution: repair or replace the spring deformation to make the rotor spiral plate fit well,


Vacuum pump temperature too high

1. The temperature of the extracted gas is too high.

Solution: let the gas cool before entering the vacuum pump.

2. Wear the vacuum pump body by inhaling hard objects.

Solution: dismantle the vacuum pump to remove the hard objects and repair or replace the scratched parts.

3. The cooling water flow of vacuum pump is not enough.

Solution: increase cooling water flow.

4. Improper assembly will cause displacement of rotor axis and single side wear.

Solution: disassemble, check and reassemble.

Excessive fit clearance due to poor machining or wear

Solution: check the fit clearance between the vacuum pump cavity, rotor, spinner and end cover plate, and put the specified accuracy requirements for repair or replacement.

The temperature rise of the vacuum pump is too high, which makes the vacuum pump oil thin and the tightness poor

Solution: cooling water or electric fan shall be used for cooling. Meanwhile, the clearance of relevant parts shall be checked and repaired or replaced according to the specified accuracy requirements.

At present, many micro vacuum pumps in the market do not have the function of adjusting the vacuum degree, only by adding valves.

For example, install a precision pressure relief valve at the suction end of the vacuum pump. When the vacuum is high, open the valve to reduce the vacuum. It is understood that some precision pressure relief valves can also discharge toxic gases to the channel of the specified container. In addition, the intelligent vacuum pump can also be used to set the negative pressure and adjust the flow.

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