Industrial vacuum furnace vacuum system

Vacuum system

Three basic requirements for vacuum system in vacuum heat treatment furnace:

1) the vacuum degree of the vacuum heat treatment furnace can be rapidly pumped to the specified requirements.

2) it can timely discharge all kinds of gases released by the processed workpiece and the furnace internal components, as well as the gases that infiltrate into the furnace body due to vacuum leakage.

3) the vacuum unit occupies a small area, operates safely and reliably, and operates easily.

The composition of a vacuum system

The vacuum system of vacuum heat treatment furnace usually consists of vacuum acquisition equipment (vacuum pump set), control vacuum assembly and measuring vacuum assembly.

1) vacuum pump unit. According to the furnace working pressure and the size of the volume of air, choose different low vacuum pumps, medium vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps and ultra-high vacuum pumps.

2) vacuum components or elements. In a vacuum furnace and vacuum pump unit is equipped with a variety of vacuum components or true word elements, such as pipe, sealing ring, flange, corrugated pipe, cold trap, filters and valves, etc.

3) vacuum measuring systems, such as vacuum regulators, vacuum pressure gauges and other vacuum measuring instruments.

4) vacuum leak detection instrument, vacuum control instrument, air charging device, etc.

What is the common vacuum system in vacuum furnace?

There are many kinds of vacuum furnaces and different requirements for vacuum systems. As far as vacuum is concerned, there are low vacuum, medium vacuum and high vacuum systems.

Here are some common vacuum systems.

1. the low vacuum system of low vacuum system is suitable for vacuum heat treatment furnace with a vacuum range of 2~1333Pa, such as pre extraction low vacuum well type furnace. Most pumps are rotary pumps based on oil seals.

2. medium vacuum system is suitable for vacuum heat treatment furnace with a vacuum degree of 3×10~1.333Pa. The medium vacuum system is the most widely used in vacuum heat treatment furnace, usually consisting of two stage vacuum pump units. The main pump adopts rotary mechanical pump or slide valve type mechanical pump, and the main pump is the high vacuum system of the mechanical booster pump (rocipen) or oil booster pump

3. The high vacuum system is suitable for the vacuum degree of 6.6×10 ~ 1.333×10.

Industrial vacuum furnace vacuum system

Industrial vacuum furnace vacuum system

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