How to use dry vacuum pump better in winter?

Dry vacuum pump manufacturers introduced the use of dry vacuum pumps in winter. It’s winter. The severe cold winter had a great impact on the production equipment of various enterprises. Dry vacuum pump vacuum pump is no exception. Minor negligence can seriously affect the claw pump. So how to better use the dry vacuum pump in winter? Small make up with the following knowledge.

1. Ensure the normal cooling water circulation system. If cooling water circulation is stopped in winter, blow the cooling water out of the pump with nitrogen or compressed air. When the air temperature is below 0°C, make sure to clean all liquids in the pump after stopping the oil-free claw dry vacuum pump. Clean (except lubricating oil) to prevent frost cracking.

2. Pay attention to the oil level of lubricating oil. The oil level at the back end of the pump indicates that the oil level should be higher than the center line. If missing, add lubricating oil. The new jaw dry oil-free vacuum pump requires the gearbox lubricant to be replaced within 300 hours of use and then every 3,000 hours of operation. The front end bearings are lubricated with lithium base grease and need to be replaced every 300 hours. The replacement method is to open the pump inlet and bearing cover, and add an appropriate amount of lithium base grease. When replacing, be sure to make sure the inlet and bearing cover. Seal.

Claw-type dry oil-free vacuum pump is an equipment that can improve product quality, improve production efficiency and create more value for the enterprise, but these are based on rational use. Good use habits can reduce the claw pump due to fault and stop time, will not delay the production of the enterprise, is conducive to the enterprise to improve economic benefits.

Above is the dry vacuum pump winter use guide. I hope it helps. Stay tuned to our website for more information.

How to use dry vacuum pump better in winter?

How to use dry vacuum pump better in winter?


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