vacuum system in cardboard box

EVP vacuum pump products help the international packaging industry manufacturers to significantly improve the efficiency of cardboard packaging and reduce operating costs. The application of vacuum system in cardboard box can save customers 20% of production time, and greatly reduce the application cost. At the same time, it greatly improves the working environment of workers. Paperboard packing machine (carton packing machine) is the equipment for making cardboard boxes and containers from flat blanks made of flexible cardboard or similar materials. In the production of cartons in each stage, are widely used in vacuum handling paperboard. Initially, flat cartons were stacked on a box or shelf and secured by rails or ribs. The carton is usually removed from the box by means of a suction cup and a vacuum generator. The equipment is completed by reciprocating or rotary motion. Now, we have changed the previous manual method of loading cartons manually. In order to save time and effort, we recommend using vacuum system.

Why choose vacuum system to transport cartons?

Cartons are handled more reliably and efficiently by using a vacuum system. The vacuum chuck provides the best guarantee for the reliable handling of the products by its excellent grasping performance on porous, loose materials and rough surfaces. Since the installation of the German vacuum system, the production time of cartons has been reduced by 20%. In addition, the compact design of the system enables it to provide a safer working environment with smaller floor space and bring benefits to employees in various industries. In general, ergonomic vacuum equipment is used to assist manual handling operations. The handling equipment frees the workers from the heavy load operation and speeds up the process. The use of vacuum system can not only protect the health of workpieces and workers from damage, but also accelerate the process and improve the productivity.

Vacuum systems can do almost anything: whether you need to stack boxes, load buckets onto trucks, stack metal plates or wood, or transport stone or furniture – vacuum equipment is always your best solution. With vacuum handling, handling is faster, more ergonomic and safer. For those who have to carry heavy objects, it eliminates the labor’s diseases such as bone and joint strain caused by lifting and unloading heavy objects, and thus improves the power of employees and the quality of production.

Dry screw vacuum pump + roots pump

Vacuum system maintenance:

1. Check the vacuum pump regularly and do a good job in the daily maintenance of the vacuum pump.

2. Clean and replace the filter element of vacuum filter at the inlet of vacuum pump regularly.

3. Check the electrical control regularly.

4. Regularly check the sealing condition of vacuum pipeline and vacuum tank.

To provide customers with customized vacuum system and vacuum solutions. According to different industries, different fields and different application requirements, we design and develop customized vacuum system and vacuum solution for customers. From product design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning to later maintenance, the vacuum solution covers every detail from engineering to after-sales service, and the automation solution for the application of vacuum system in cardboard box can thoroughly solve the problem of pressure loss, reduce costs and improve workplace safety.

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