Roots blower selection for lime kiln in steel plant

What parameters are required for the selection of Roots blower for lime kiln in steel plant?

Many friends will also ask about the type selection of Roots blower for lime kiln in steel plant. Today, I’d like to explain to you what parameters the model selection should have for purchasing.

Roots blower selection for lime kiln in steel plant

1. Type selection air volume
Air volume is the flow rate. When selecting the air volume, we need to use one of the parameters. With this parameter, the parameter needs to be determined according to our specific usage. Generally speaking, the air volume needs to be larger. If the air volume calculated by us is a certain value, such as 5 cubic meters / min, when we select the air volume, we choose a larger one, such as 5.5 cubic meters / min After a long time, the air volume will decrease.

2. Selection pressure
The selection pressure is what pressure we need to use roots blower. This pressure is the ability of Roots blower to overcome the pressure, not the pressure that can be provided by roots blower. The roots blower does not generate pressure by itself, but works by overcoming the pressure of pipeline.

3. Other parameters
Other parameters of Roots blower mainly refer to: conveying medium, gas problem, sealing method, fan material, etc., which will affect the use of Roots blower. Therefore, it is necessary to make a statement in advance. The selection parameters of Roots blower are mainly air volume and pressure parameters. If the transmission medium is air, only these two parameters can be considered.

If you need to purchase roots blower for lime kiln in steel plant, if you don’t know the type selection, you can contact us for purchasing consultation. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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