Where is good the liquid ring vacuum pump

Mechanical vacuum pumps are those that use mechanical motion (rotation or sliding) to obtain vacuum. Vacuum pump is an indispensable equipment in the vacuum process, which is widely used in all walks of life. There are high-pressure vacuum pumps, dry vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps and so on. The vacuum degree of each vacuum pump is different, depending on what use you have, depending on the vacuum demand of your industry and your budget.


Which kind of vacuum pump is good? Xiaobian has to say here about the liquid ring vacuum pump produced by the manufacturer of EVP vacuum pump. Where is the good of the liquid ring vacuum pump of EVP? The liquid ring vacuum pump has low operating power, fast pumping speed in high pressure section, energy saving and emission reduction, and low noise.


What’s good about the liquid ring vacuum pump that uncovers EVP?


When working liquid closed cycle is used in liquid ring vacuum pump, water loss is reduced. Through the self-priming function of vacuum pump, the working fluid cooled by heat exchanger is introduced into the pump without additional booster device.


Its axial and radial loads are borne by two different groups of bearings, which ensures the long-term continuous and reliable operation of the pump. For large size pumps, when the body of the liquid ring vacuum pump has a baffle, a vacuum pump can suck different vacuum at the same time.


Our liquid ring vacuum pumps are widely used in papermaking, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, sugar making, textile, food, metallurgy, mineral processing, mining, coal washing, chemical fertilizer, oil refining, chemical industry, power and electronic industries.


In order to better meet the needs of the majority of users, our company is also constantly improving, constantly improving our technology, producing a liquid ring vacuum pump trusted by the majority of users.



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