Vacuum system automation in semiconductor machine

The application of vacuum system in semiconductor machine automation mainly includes four aspects, including display screen manufacturing, led and wafer level packaging. For wafer delivery in a clean and controlled environment, semiconductor applications require high precision automation and reliable, predictable vacuum performance. Our company provides a complete set of semiconductor automatic transportation solutions, which can be used as independent components or as part of integrated system for vacuum and atmospheric wafer transportation.

Using our reliable low temperature capability and leading level, EVP vacuum pump manufacturers offer vacuum pump, cooling and water vapor extraction solutions that provide predictable, particulate free vacuum or cooling performance for even the most demanding applications.

Application of vacuum system in semiconductor machine automation

1. Display screen manufacturing

Display manufacturing requires unique solutions that integrate automation, vacuum and water extraction. As substrate sizes continue to grow, display manufacturers need to use automation devices that can deliver heavier loads. The increase of substrate size will also lead to higher air and water load, so the requirement of air extraction in the key link of manufacturing process is constantly improved. Vacuum system manufacturers provide a complete set of automatic treatment, vacuum and water extraction solutions to meet the rapid growth of market demand.

In a variety of high-end applications, it is in the leading position in the field of atmospheric and vacuum substrate processing manipulator and vacuum system. Combining unparalleled technology and strong intellectual property rights, it provides a range of solutions that maximize production efficiency and minimize acquisition cost to improve manufacturing efficiency and meet the needs of today’s manufacturers.

Our vacuum system can be used at multiple locations in process deposition equipment to remove water or gas at critical locations to produce reliable, high-resolution displays.

Dry screw vacuum pump + roots pump


As light emitting diode (LED) manufacturers and equipment manufacturers continue to pursue new ways to reduce costs, the use of automated substrate transmission, mapping and calibration has gradually become a common phenomenon to increase production, reduce footprint and reduce total acquisition costs. The automated process of LED substrate transmission requires simple, reliable and predictable performance with multiple substrate sizes, loads and material types.

Drawing on our long history and technical experience in front-end semiconductor processing, these products offer unparalleled quality, reliability and repeatability in the fast-growing new market. Vacuum system manufacturers are ready to adopt a complete substrate transfer solution or rapid deployment of components for system integration. We will work with you to adopt market proven solutions throughout the life cycle of design, manufacturing, service and support expertise.

3. Wafer level package

Advanced packaging and wafer level packaging applications require unique automation and wafer processing capabilities to accommodate increasingly thin and occasionally curved substrates. A complete plant automation delivery solution is provided, which can be used as a stand-alone component or as part of an integrated system for vacuum and atmospheric manufacturing environments. Our solution can provide transport wafer manipulators with standard and custom end sensors, stacked wafer and conveyor mapping, wafer inverters, reliable non-standard substrate processing and transport equipment in the following links:

3D integrated and through silicon perforation technology (TSV)

Wafer bump


With our hands-on experience and expertise in front-end semiconductor technology, our automated processing solutions provide you with unparalleled quality, reliability and repeatability in this fast-growing emerging market. The information mentioned above is the application of vacuum system in semiconductor machine automation.

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