CO2 compressor for urea/fertilizer production

For our growing global population, reliable and efficient production of fertilizers is essential to ensure food safety. To help meet this global demand, we use sustainable high-end gas compressor solutions to drive ammonia and urea production processes

Carbon dioxide compressor is the key equipment of urea plant.

Recently, EVP developed a large-scale urea supporting device with independent intellectual property rights, the wide working condition energy-saving carbon dioxide compressor. So far, various economic and technical indicators have reached the leading level of similar equipment in foreign countries, and the stability has even surpassed that of imported compressors, solving the long-term problem of large energy consumption and frequent equipment failure of urea plant in China’s fertilizer industry.

High pressure carbon dioxide compressor, improve your productivity

Our proven centrifugal gas compressor can reliably and efficiently provide over 200 bar high pressure, fully meet your work needs

Urea fertilizer plant with high efficiency and reliability

High efficiency and reliability are the key factors of urea plant. Our centrifugal gas compressor adopts integral gear technology, which is widely recognized in the industry

Using our experience of gas compressor to promote the development of chemical fertilizer industry

Has decades of extensive experience in providing gas compressors for high-end applications, such as high-pressure carbon dioxide compressor for urea production, gas compressor for ammonia, melamine and nitric acid.

Watch the CO2 compressor we put into use

Our carbon dioxide compressor can minimize the leakage of carbon dioxide in the production process and reduce the wear of the compressor. The carbon dioxide emission of our dry face seal technology is one-third of that of the standard seal technology

Our gas compressor for fertilizer production

Fertilizer production requires solid and efficient compressor technology. Learn about our compressor solutions for your application

CO2 compressor for urea/fertilizer production

CO2 compressor for urea/fertilizer production

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