Vacuum pump application in plastic forming

In food, beverage, candy, stationery, hardware tools, daily provisions, chemical products production and processing process need to use vacuum pump to achieve the purpose of vacuum forming, so for the choices of vacuum pump is very important.

Suction molding, also called vacuum forming, is one of thermoplastic hot forming methods. Refers to the sheet or plate material clamping on the framework of vacuum forming machine, soften, through modeling the edge of the air passage, its use vacuum adsorption to the mold, after a short period of time of cooling, molding plastic products. The equipment used in this method is simple, the mold does not need to bear pressure, can be made of metal, wood or gypsum, forming speed is fast, easy to operate. However, the vacuum pump selected in different process requirements is also different.

2X Rotary Vacuum Pump

In the process of vacuum blister, usually produces or dust, granular material for vacuum pump, if these substances into the vacuum pump will affect the vacuum degree of vacuum pump and pumping speed, so in the process of vacuum suction plastic piping connections to add a buffer tank and filter, so as to effectively protect the normal work of the vacuum pump.

If required by the vacuum degree is not high can choose water ring vacuum pump, if required by the higher vacuum degree can choose reciprocating pump or rotary vane pump, the selection of rotary vane pump when it is important to pay special attention to the frequent observation of vacuum pump oil, whether it is cloudy, whether by emulsion white, etc., such as vacuum pump oil found metamorphic need timely replacement of vacuum pump oil, so as to guarantee the normal work of the vacuum pump.


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