Vacuum pump is used in vacuum drainage system

 Vacuum pump station mainly consists of vacuum collecting tank, vacuum pump, sewage pump and automatic control device.

Vacuum collection tank is used to ensure vacuum and collect sewage. The waste water is collected in the lower 1/3 of the tank, and the remaining 2/3 of the upper part is used to guarantee the vacuum. The vacuum collection tank is connected with the vacuum pipe, and the inlet of the vacuum tube is generally in the middle of the tank. The negative pressure in the tank is produced by a vacuum pump. When the negative pressure is lower than the lower limit, the vacuum pump is opened, and when the negative pressure in the tank reaches the setting limit, the vacuum pump automatically stops.

There are check valves installed between the vacuum pump and the vacuum pump. When the vacuum pump stops running, the check valve is automatically closed to ensure that the gas in the tank is not backflow. Check valves are also installed at the sewerage pump. When the sewerage pump stops running, the check valve is automatically closed to prevent backflow. Vacuum collection tank top is also installed with safety valve to prevent vacuum pump or sewage pump work, the tank pressure is too large.

The vacuum station shall be sealed before use. When the terminal valve is closed, the vacuum pump is activated to achieve a negative pressure of -70kpa, and the negative pressure should be no more than 10% after 1 hour.

The vacuum drainage system is a new type of drainage system in our country, which is suitable for use in the basement and other places with special requirements for installation and hygiene. Although the cost is 20%~30% higher than the traditional drainage method, it has obvious advantages in water-saving, environmental protection and operation and maintenance. Through continuous practice and improvement, we believe that the drainage system will be more and more ignored in the future.

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