vacuum pump in rubber molding machine

As early as the 1930s, the plastic industry began to use injection moulding to produce plastic products. However, due to the high viscosity and charring characteristics of rubber itself, it has gone through a long time from moulding to injection moulding. With the continuous development of injection moulding technology, researchers have improved the two-step injection process, put forward the one-step process of rubber plasticization and injection synchronization, and developed a one-step injection moulding machine.

In rubber products, the main forming technologies are: moulding, transfer, entanglement and injection moulding.


In the vacuum pump market, the application of rubber forming machine is particularly extensive. In the humid weather in the south, the materials used for plastic absorption will evaporate after heating, which requires the vacuum pump with water removal function.

1. When choosing vacuum pump for rubber moulding machine, it is necessary to choose vacuum pump according to specific technology. The following two main parameters are used as reference:

2. Vacuum degree: The so-called vacuum degree is an expression of the degree of air rarefaction, usually expressed in Papa, millibar Mba, millimeter mercury column mmHg and other units.

3. After the forming of rubber products, most of the bubbles are caused by the defect of products because the vacuum degree can not meet the requirements. Compared with products with deep grooves, the vacuum requirement is higher.

4. Flow rate: refers to the amount of fluid pumped by a vacuum pump through a closed pipe or an effective cut-off body in a unit time. M3/H, L/S and L/Min are commonly used to express 5. Vacuum flow rate is an important indicator of suction. When choosing a vacuum pump, we should pay attention to the specifications and thickness of the product to calculate the amount of fluid flowing through the closed pipe or an effective cut-off body in an hour or a minute. How much air is there, so as to determine how much flow of vacuum pump is needed.

Because vacuum is ubiquitous, the vacuum pump in rubber moulding machine is analyzed. EVP vacuum pump manufacturers design and develop customized vacuum systems and solutions for customers according to different industries, different fields and different application needs. From product design, manufacture, installation and commissioning to later maintenance, EVP vacuum solution covers every detail from engineering to after-sales service, and the automatic solution of vacuum pump in rubber moulding machine, in order to solve the pressure loss problem thoroughly, reduce costs and improve workplace safety.

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