paper industry roots blower

Blower for paper mill

Essential information:
1) Model: SSR blower roots vacuum pump.
2) Air capacity: 0.7-58 m3 / h
3) Discharge differential pressure: 10-80kpa

Package details:
The standard woonden case applies to all countries
Package size: L * w * H = 1800 * 1300 * 2100mm
Net / gross weight: 477kg / 500kg

ISO9001: 2000 / SGS / CE certification

Lead time:
There are many models in stock, if not, it’s about 20 days less than 5 units and 35 days less than 10 units.
If there is something urgent, please let us know.

paper industry roots blower

Blower in paper mill of function:

The modern paper-making process can be divided into pulping, mixing, papermaking, processing and other main steps. The special fans used in papermaking industry are mainly used in the process engineering of papermaking. The main functions of fans are drying, moisture removal and dust removal. The use of fans in paper industry mainly includes:

1. Moisture resistance: a large amount of water vapor will be discharged during the process from pulp to paper in Papermaking Engineering, so the flow passage part of fan must meet the requirements of moisture resistance;

2. High temperature resistance: in the process of pulp drying, the maximum temperature should be 250 ° C for long-term operation. Due to the limited environment, the fan cooling mode is the mainstream cooling mode in foreign countries.

3. Adhesion resistance: in the dust removal application, due to the large amount of paper dust, the impeller scaling may be serious. Therefore, the additional safety factor of impeller, shaft and bearing must be considered in the fan design process to avoid the damage of impeller, shaft and bearing caused by impeller scaling.

4. Easy maintenance: with the development of the paper industry, a large number of paper machines with 1500 meters per minute or more are widely used, which puts forward high requirements for the reliability of the fans. Therefore, the fans must have the design structure of fast and easy maintenance.

5. Low noise: with the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, the requirements for noise in occupational health are becoming higher and higher. The fan can provide noise reduction scheme, and the noise of fan can be reduced from 123 DB to 78.6 dB in actual cases.

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