vacuum pump system in oil and gas industry

In the process of storage, loading and unloading, transportation and transportation of oil, its volatile will produce a lot of oil and gas. Therefore, in the above process, oil and gas recovery devices are often equipped with vacuum system to collect oil and gas. On the one hand, it can reduce oil and gas pollution and safety risks, and at the same time, it can reduce oil consumption and increase benefits. Its technological process mainly includes collection, desorption, desorption and recovery.

The vacuum pump system in oil and gas industry is the core equipment in the process of desorption and desorption. After the adsorption tank is saturated, the oil vapor in it needs to be separated from the adsorbent by high vacuum, which is also the regeneration process of the adsorption tank. Through the vacuum pump for oil and gas recovery, the adsorption tank can reach a high vacuum state, and the adsorbed oil and gas can be desorbed from the adsorbent. When the pressure in the tank drops to a certain extent, a small amount of nitrogen or air can be introduced into the adsorption tower as cleaning gas to promote further desorption and desorption of oil and gas. The oil and gas desorbed from the adsorbent can be sent to the recovery process as concentrated gasoline vapor with little air.

CVS vacuum pump systems

Concentrated oil vapor desorbed by vacuum pump system in oil and gas industry needs to be recovered as liquid at the bottom of absorption tower and sent to oil storage tank after convection contact with gasoline falling from top to bottom of absorption tower.

The vacuum pump system in oil and gas industry is not to directly extract oil and gas, but to desorb and desorb oil and gas in adsorbent by manufacturing high vacuum, which is the manufacturing condition for recovery. In theory, the adsorption process for oil and gas recovery can achieve an infinite low emission concentration, while operating in a variety of ways and with high efficiency.

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