Liquid ring vacuum pump vacuum delivery

Liquid ring vacuum pump is widely used to pump gas or gas. Its use is very common. It is used in vacuum filtration, vacuum evaporation and other aspects. Its application in vacuum transportation is also relatively good. Let’s understand the characteristics of vacuum transportation of this equipment.

1. In the process of operation, the sanitary environment is good. When the material is running in the pipe, the pipe is in the negative pressure state, so that the dust will not leak out and fly, so as not to cause flying and pollution environment. In the process of transportation, it can also stop sorting, dry and other operations for intermediate disposal. When the material is transported under negative pressure, because the water is more easily evaporated under negative pressure, even if other drying operations are not carried out, the material with higher water content will be dried to a certain extent in the process of transportation. The size of applied material particles is different, and its discharge port can also sort it.

2. High efficiency of transportation, no return transportation of equipment. Other elm methods all need air return, but liquid ring vacuum pump does not have this disadvantage, because its transport medium is air, it only needs to be discharged into the atmosphere at the terminal, during the transport process, the feed port can continuously feed and complete the continuous transport process.

3. The structure of the equipment is simple, manufacturing, processing and installation are more convenient, and the cost of using the equipment is less. The main part of the system is the welding structure of the section steel plate, which is composed of the components with the shape of the pipe and the tank. It is easy to maintain the components.

The liquid ring vacuum pump uses the liquid ring vacuum electrical element to control the vacuum pump inlet pressure, which can also effectively prevent the overload of the equipment. The vacuum gauge or electric contact vacuum pressure gauge and other pressure sensitive elements are installed at the vacuum pump inlet pipeline. After the vacuum system is started, if the inlet pressure is lower than the allowable starting pressure of the pump, the pressure sensitive element will send a signal to start the vacuum pump through the electrical control system. If the vacuum system is equipped with a bypass line, the bypass line valve needs to be closed at the same time. If the inlet pressure of the vacuum pump is higher than the specified limit value, the vacuum pump will automatically shut down, so as to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment.

Liquid ring vacuum pump vacuum delivery

Liquid ring vacuum pump vacuum delivery



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