Dry screw vacuum pump development trend

1、 Screw vacuum pump working principle

Screw vacuum pump is to install two screws which are strictly dynamic balanced and supported by bearings in the pump cavity, and leave a reasonable gap between the two screws. When the equipment is running, the two rotors rotate synchronously and reversely in the pump cavity at high speed, so as to produce suction and exhaust. Because the rotor has undergone strict dynamic balance correction, and there is a reasonable gap between the two wheels, so when the pump works, the rotor will not rub with each other, the operation is stable, the noise is low, and the working cavity does not need lubricating oil, the power consumption is low, with the advantages of energy saving, maintenance free, etc., especially suitable for the environment with high requirements of environment and noise.

2、 Screw vacuum pump analysis present situation domestic

In recent years, the market demand of screw vacuum pump is more and more obvious. The old vacuum pump can not meet the requirements of anti-corrosion and environmental protection. Many oil-free vacuum pumps and high corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps have gradually replaced the old products. The continuous development of vacuum pumps is under strict test. Users are more and more targeted to the production and operation mode of the enterprise. The production equipment Selection is also becoming more and more conceptualized, and the awareness of environmental protection is increasing, which makes many enterprises pay more attention to new equipment.

There are basically certain scale vacuum pump manufacturers in China, which have stepped into the field of research and development of screw vacuum pump. Because of the urgent demand of market economy, for manufacturers, not developing new products will be eliminated by the market. The development of vacuum industry has always been closely related to various industries. If this kind of vacuum pump has environmental protection type, simple structure and use time It will be a revolutionary change to produce a long and pollution-free screw vacuum pump. In order to master the technology of this product, we must learn from the advanced technology experience of foreign countries. No matter the selection of production equipment or the level of production technology, we should regard these as the key points of production foundation. Only precision equipment can produce precision products. For the production capacity of this double rotor process, we should learn from foreign products more, and pay attention to the appearance and internal quality Do well, understand and be familiar with the principle of pump operation. Only by constantly exploring production experience, can the production process of pump be extended.

The research and development of screw vacuum pump is still in the primary stage of research and development in China. There are many technical problems waiting for us to overcome. If we want to develop, we need to constantly explore and transform these problems into technical force, which will surely accelerate the promotion and application of the series.

3、 Screw vacuum pump advantages and characteristics

Through the observation and analysis of vacuum application field in recent years, the development of vacuum pump can not be in the original state. Now many large projects require vacuum system, most of which are application products with strong environmental protection concept and corrosion resistance effect. The whole vacuum market has gradually moved towards oil-free system products, and the pattern of renewal has gradually formed. The demand of screw vacuum pump It is also increasing year by year.

The vacuum market will stride from the oil age to the oil-free age, which has greatly promoted the development of screw vacuum pump. Although the current technology is far from the foreign technology, the domestic technical force cannot be ignored. The domestic scientific and technological personnel are very interested in the research and development of new products, and that attitude is unparalleled. This type of vacuum pump has quickly occupied the market with the characteristics of high pumping speed, simple structure, environmental protection and pollution-free. Many domestic enterprises want to produce independently, but they are still waiting because of technical limitations, but the future of this product will become the mainstream.

The introduction of screw vacuum pump has changed the needs of domestic users, and the enterprise’s awareness of environmental protection has been enhanced. There are requirements in selecting equipment suitable for its own production. The selection of equipment is related to the development of the enterprise. This advanced and precise equipment is the inevitable choice of each user.

4、 Screw vacuum pump for enterprises development

When it comes to screw vacuum pump, many enterprises are both familiar and unfamiliar. Familiarity means that this kind of equipment has been widely affected by domestic enterprises for a long time, and they have a certain understanding of its characteristics, advantages, performance and other aspects. They also have a thorough research on the help brought to enterprises after application, and are the first choice products of equipment in various industries. But it’s also strange, because its utilization rate can’t cover the domestic market, the reason for its price is that some equipment still needs to be imported, and the domestic production capacity restricts the development of equipment, so the in-depth understanding of the application is strange.

In view of the emergence of these two situations, many production-oriented enterprises have gradually shifted their production investment to screw vacuum pump in recent years. Although this is a good development direction, the use of dry pump will eventually be recognized by the domestic market, but for the current production capacity, there are also a few enterprises in China that can achieve it. Moreover, for such precise equipment, the processing technology is very advanced It can really reflect the advantages of the equipment.

In the future market, the application of screw vacuum pump will certainly become the focus of the domestic market, which is very conducive to the development of enterprises, and will also drive the whole vacuum pump market into another promotion space and expand its influence.


Dry screw vacuum pump development trend

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