Central vacuum system for textile mills

Textile industry is the representative of the rapid development of light industry in China. With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, the material demand also continues to grow. However, how many people know the amount of dust produced in the workshop every day. The dust of textile mill can be called textile dust, which includes hemp dust, cotton dust (the general term of cotton fiber and dirt dust) and wool dust.

The textile workshop is easy to produce a large number of cloth scraps, wool scraps and other dusts in the work. It has been seen that when the customer’s textile workshop (mainly for the production of curtains) does not have a dust removal system installed, the workshop is basically in a state that can not be seen all day long, and many staff members eat lunch directly in the workshop. In the long run, it is easy to suffer from occupational diseases, and the efficiency of the workshop will be reduced.

Therefore, it is suggested that the relevant central dust collection system (central dust collection system) should be installed in the textile workshop

Harm of textile dust:

Textile dust can enter into the respiratory system of human body and sink on your skin or conjunctiva. It is harmful to human health and even it will bring harm to the production belt and damage the production equipment. Sometimes even when the concentration of textile dust accumulates to a certain value, it will cause fire and explosion accidents.

Classification of textile dust:

The nature of the dust produced in the processing of textile mills will be different due to the different raw materials. The common textile dust is as follows

1. In the wool textile mill, the dust is the main part of the shedding machine;

2. Workers select wool by hand beside the wool sorting platform, and the dust and large impurities fall under the platform;

3. The carding machine combs the washed pure wool, and its belly is mostly covered with Spurs and short hairs;

4. Most of the work rolls are short wool. There are also cotton mills, linen mills and linen mills and so on.


There are many kinds of dust media in the textile factory, and the general dust removal equipment can not meet the needs of users. EVP vacuum pump manufacturer has successfully launched a central vacuum system device to effectively solve the dust in the textile workshop through continuous research and development and experiments.

During the research and development of the central vacuum dust collection system equipment, considering the characteristics of textile dust, the equipment to reduce fire accidents is adopted; the intermittent suction method is adopted to collect fiber dust, with less air absorption and energy consumption in operation; the full-automatic control system is applied to reduce the management work; the equipment has strong universality and is suitable for the dust removal requirements of various workshops in various textile factories.

There are a lot of production processes in the workshop of textile factory, which lead to different process flow and different causes of dust generation. Different dust media will also affect the installation of dust control equipment in the workshop. The selection of central vacuum cleaning system is also very important. If you have any questions about the selection, please contact us at any time. Our technicians will choose the most suitable central vacuum system according to your needs.

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