Air compressors in steel industry

As a typical large-scale industrial enterprise with high energy consumption, iron and steel enterprises make great efforts to save energy and reduce emissions, which is not only a task that must be completed, but also an important social responsibility. However, in the production process of iron and steel enterprises compressed air is widely used, air compressor energy saving in the steel industry is rarely carried out.

At present, the energy conservation and emission reduction work of the iron and steel industry is facing a huge test. The energy consumption of the iron and steel industry is very large. In all the energy consumption of steel enterprises, compressed air energy consumption accounts for a considerable proportion (about 5%-15% of the total power consumption of enterprises). Compressed air is widely used as an energy medium in iron and steel enterprises, so strict management and technical improvement should be paid to adapt to the situation of energy conservation and emission reduction.

The types of air compressor stations in iron and steel enterprises generally include centrifuge air compressor stations, screw machine air compressor stations and hybrid air compressor stations (both centrifugal compressor and screw compressor). Some iron and steel enterprises still have piston compressor is being phased out in the replacement.

Air compressed main uses and characteristics

The use of compressed air in iron and steel enterprises is included in each production process, and its main USES can be divided into: sintering pneumatic conveying, blast furnace injection, continuous casting steam fog cooling, converter bottom blowing, steel belt surface blowing, various pneumatic instrument valves, pneumatic motors, pulse bag filter, etc.

According to the production process, the distribution of air compressor station in iron making unit can be divided into sintering area, raw material area, coke oven area and blast furnace area. The compressed air in the steelmaking unit is mainly used for the pneumatic equipment of continuous casting and converter, the purge and the compressed air for the continuous casting. The compressed air in the hot rolling unit is mainly used for the pneumatic equipment of rolling mill, heating furnace and purge. The compressed air in the cold rolling unit is mainly used for strip purge pickling, continuous return, hot dip galvanizing unit pneumatic equipment and purge.

Compressed air is an “expensive” energy source in terms of its cost. The huge energy saving potential of compressed air system should be paid enough attention by the country and enterprises.

It is a system engineering to improve the operation efficiency of high energy consumption compressed air system. Mainly includes high efficiency motor and the optimization of compressor, matching of compressor design and manufacturing technology of ascension, and the updating of the compressor control technology, optimization of operation parameters, and reduce the waste of compressed air compressed air technology application.

Can be mainly from four aspects to consider: “gas” in terminal gas equipment, in addition to strengthening gas personnel in the management of energy saving the sense of responsibility, to avoid unreasonable waste gas, gas, etc., but also to end gas equipment (such as nozzle) improvement, improve the use efficiency of gas; Unit performance improvement, including compressor body optimization design and compressor system variable speed adjustment technology, as well as auxiliary equipment technology improvement, lubricating oil system improvement; Pipe network design, operation parameter matching, daily management and maintenance of compressed air system; The use of advanced energy-saving technologies, such as pressure flow control technology, compressor centralized control technology and compressor waste heat recovery technology.

The energy consumption of compressor accounts for more than 30% of the electricity consumption of the whole steel industry.

Air compressors in steel industry

Air compressors in steel industry

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