SRR 150 roots blower accessories

What are the standard accessories of srr150 roots blower?

When purchasing SRR 150 roots blower for the first time, we should confirm the specific contents with the manufacturer, especially the accessory accessories, which need to be specified in the contract. Generally, the standard accessories of Roots blower include the following:

1. Fan

The main structure of the fan is the fan body except the motor, which is the main component.

2. Motor

Generally, roots blower is driven by motor, rarely by diesel engine. Whether or not the motor should be determined in advance will directly affect the price of the fan.

3. Belt or coupling

If it is a belt driven fan, it will be directly installed, and the fan driven by coupling generally needs to be installed on site. These two components are also important components and cannot be missing.

4. Base

The three blade roots blower is the base shared by the body and motor, while the two blade roots blower does not share the base. The base of the three blade roots blower is the main accessory.

5. Inlet and outlet mufflers

The inlet and outlet mufflers are important components of positive pressure roots blowers. Generally, negative pressure roots blowers do not have inlet silencers because most of them are directly connected to the pipeline.

6. Lubricating oil

The lubricating oil is usually equipped with a good factory. If you don’t refuel the oil tank, you should first refuel the fan when you come back.

The above points are the standard accessories of Roots blower. Since the fixed system of Roots blower is high, which accessories are required to be customized according to their own needs. If you have any questions about the purchase of Roots blower, you can contact our online customer service.

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