Stainless steel sanitary screw pump

Stainless steel sanitary this new type of screw pump oil production machinery widely used for pumping high viscosity and high waxy oil, high sand of heavy oil and high gasoline than crude oil, etc., has now expanded to the moisture content more than 80% of the deep well oil production, high water cut in oil exploration in shows strong vitality. Generally working in the underground for a year or so.

Stainless steel sanitary screw pump — product introduction:

The stainless steel health grade screw pump is a new type of pump which is working on the working principle of the motion of the rotary motion. The main working parts are eccentric screw (rotor) and fixed bushing (stator). Because of the special geometry, the two parts respectively form a single seal cavity, medium by axial uniform flow, the internal flow velocity is low, volume is kept constant, the pressure is stable, so that it can’t be produce eddy current and agitation. Every level of the pump output pressure is 0.6 MPa, head of 60 m (water), suitable for medium temperature below 80 ℃ (special requirements of up to 150 ℃).

Stainless steel sanitary screw pump — product advantages:

1) wide range of pressure and flow. The pressure is about 3.4 to 340 kilograms force /cm 2, and the flow rate can reach 18600cm3/ min;

2) the variety and viscosity of transporting liquid are wide;

3) due to the low inertia force of the rotary parts in the pump, high speed can be used;

4) good absorbing ability and self-priming ability;

5) constant flow, small vibration and low noise;

6) less sensitive to incoming gas and dirt than other rotary pumps;

7) solid structure and easy installation and maintenance.

The disadvantage of the sanitary screw pump is that the screw has higher machining and assembly requirements. The performance of the pump is sensitive to the viscosity of the liquid.

Stainless steel sanitary screw pump — working principle:

The stainless steel screw pump is used to absorb the liquid by turning the screw. Due to the meshing of each screw and the close coordination between the screw and the inner wall of the liner, it will be separated into one or more sealing space between the suction inlet and the discharge outlet of the pump. With the rotation of the screw and the meshing, the sealed space in pump suction side form unceasingly, the liquid from the suction chamber seal in among them, and the suction chamber along the screw axial continuously goes on to the discharge end, will be closed in the space of the liquid discharge, like a nut in screw rotation being constantly move forward, this is the vertical screw pump, liquid after being inhaled into the thread and surrounded by the pump shell sealed space, when active screw rotation, screw pump seal volume under the extrusion of screw tooth screw pump pressure, and move along the axial direction. Since the screw is constant rotation, the fluid flow is also uniform.

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