screw vacuum pump application

screw vacuum pump pharmaceutical industry

Distillation is the separation of two or more layers or parts with different temperatures, pressures, compositions and phases. As the distillation column tends to be balanced, each part has different concentrations and can be separated from the mixture species. Distillation towers provide pressure to separate different liquid components by varying vacuum and temperature. Because distillation requires higher vacuum and stability in medical technology, water treatment is also a big problem, so dry oil-free high-quality screw vacuum pump can solve the above problems well.

screw vacuum pump chemical industry application

The fine chemicals, medical and aromatic industries use reactors. Vacuum devices are used to reduce/control reaction temperature, remove reactants, reduce costs and control/improve product quality, and grab products.

Especially in some fine chemical industry fields, the vacuum degree is very high, the general water ring vacuum pump or reciprocating vacuum pump can not meet the requirements, and very energy-consuming. screw vacuum pump provides the perfect solution for our customers.

dry vacuum pumps

screw vacuum pump oil and gas recovery industry

Oil and gas recovery is a high and new technology of energy saving and environmental protection. Oil and gas recovery technology is used to recover oil and gas discharged during storage, transportation and handling, to prevent air pollution caused by oil and gas volatilization, to eliminate potential safety hazards, and to reduce economic losses by improving the utilization rate of energy, so as to obtain considerable returns. Safety is the biggest problem in this industry. Dry explosion-proof screw vacuum pump is the perfect solution to the above aspects. Therefore, it has competitive advantages with imported screw vacuum pump in the field of oil and gas recovery.

screw vacuum pump vacuum drying of vegetables

Drying is a low-cost and relatively low-temperature processing procedure. By reducing the vacuum, the liquid is evaporated from the solid, and the biological or active ingredients are not damaged/degraded/oxidized.

Dry screw vacuum pumps in solar panel industry also have irreplaceable advantages. Now imported dry screw vacuum pumps and domestic screw vacuum pumps are basically used.

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