Claw vacuum pump of rotor

Claw vacuum pump rotor is the key component of claw vacuum pump

EVP provides claw pumps, claw pumps models.

In the industrial development, the research and discussion of claw vacuum pump need to be more in-depth.

Claw vacuum pump rotor is the key component of claw vacuum pump, its dynamic balance is directly related to the vibration, noise and performance of the claw vacuum pump machine. Especially in the case of claw type vacuum pump speed increasing, the claw type vacuum pump rotor dynamic balance appears more important.

Claw vacuum pump of rotor

Claw type water ring type vacuum pump is a kind of positive displacement oil free claw type vacuum pump, with compact structure, large pumping speed, vacuum degree is high, the pump can be in-line atmospheric claw, long service life, strong self-priming capacity, no wearing parts, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, good dynamic balance, little vibration, pressure pulsation and noise, the pump works smoothly claw at high speed, strong adaptability, can also be used for multiphase mixed lose, no surge phenomenon, easy to realize continuous exhaust, and many other advantages.

Although the demand for oil-free claw vacuum pump in China is increasing, claw vacuum pump products of many multinational companies occupy a dominant position in the high-end claw vacuum pump market in China. Therefore, it is very important to study the economical and reliable oil-free claw vacuum pump. In order to meet the needs of the development, research and production of water ring claw vacuum pump in China, chemical pump factory conducted in-depth research and discussion on the meshing theory, profile composition and leakage of water ring claw vacuum pump. The main work is as follows:

1. Starting from the current situation and development direction of vacuum technology and claw vacuum pump, the rise of oil-free claw vacuum pump and the emergence and development status of water-ring claw vacuum pump are explained.

2. Determine the basic principle of rotary vane rotor profile design according to the existing rotary vane design theory and the requirements of vacuum acquisition equipment; Starting from the requirements and performance direction of rotary vane vacuum pump, the performance characteristics of the rotor of rotary vane vacuum pump manufactured by the rotary vane vacuum pump were analyzed, the relevant performance parameters of rotary vane vacuum pump were calculated systematically, a relatively complete calculation method was given, and the sealing principle was explained.

Claw vacuum pump

Claw vacuum pump of function and characteristics

Claw vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum pump widely used in semiconductor industry. The first claw vacuum pump was born in Japan. With the booming of the semiconductor industry in Japan, the application of claw vacuum pump increased rapidly. In addition to the common characteristics of oil-free vacuum pump chamber, it has its own unique advantages.

(1) There is a gap between the rotor and the rotor, and between the rotor and the cavity without friction.

(2) It can directly exhaust the atmosphere and work stably under high pressure for a long time.

(3) It can remove corrosive, highly toxic, radioactive and inflammable gases.

(4) Large compression ratio, which can reach 10 ~ 105. (5) Strong tolerance to dust.

Claw type dry vacuum pump can be made into single stage, also can make multistage. Many companies use claw type rotor and roots rotor combination way. General claw pump to do the front stage. It makes use of the characteristics of higher extraction efficiency of roots pump under low pressure and higher extraction efficiency of high pressure claw rotor, and matches the respective advantages of these two kinds of pumps to form a dry vacuum pump. This dry vacuum pump is suitable for the vacuum up to 1Pa, water molecules and hard corrosion particles of semiconductor chips, optical communications equipment and flat panel display and other high-tech industry rigorous process flow. In numerous dry vacuum pump, claw type vacuum pump is semiconductor, optical devices and other high-tech industries.

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