Stainless steel bellows

Vacuum KF stainless steel metal bellows are divided into 304 / 316L. KF bellows are soft and beautiful in appearance. The products are exported to Japan and the United States. We can weld all kinds of flange according to the requirement, and can customize the non-standard products according to the customer’s drawing. All the products have been strictly inspected by helium general leak detector and the quality is guaranteed. KF is a common sealing connection in daily vacuum system, which is mainly used in high vacuum system. Specification NW is a vacuum accessory used in high vacuum system. It is a Japanese standard. Basically, the size below nw50 can be used with KF.

Stainless steel bellows

KF vacuum bellows produced by our company have good elasticity, good softness, beautiful welding and reliable quality. The normal leakage rate of vacuum KF bellows is 1×10-9pam3 / s, which can also be better done according to the needs of customers to meet different customer needs. Vacuum KF stainless steel metal bellows are divided into 304 / 316L. KF bellows are soft and beautiful in appearance. The products are exported to Japan and the United States.

Can stainless steel bellows be replaced by steel pipes?

The cost of stainless steel bellows is high, and the price is undoubtedly higher. In order to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency, someone came up with a pure steel pipe to replace it in the process of using stainless steel bellows, because the price of steel pipe is much lower. Is this suitable? If we all use steel pipes instead, is there a market for stainless steel bellows? And can stainless steel bellows be replaced by steel pipes?

If the installation environment is relatively soft, it is feasible to use steel pipe instead of stainless steel corrugated pipe; however, if the installation environment needs to pass through relatively hard media, such as walls and rocks, when the pipeline conveying liquid flows, it will impact the pipe wall, causing vibration of pipe wall and rock and other hard materials. If the vibration amplitude is too large, it is easy to cause cracks and fractures on the pipe wall. At this time, it is not allowed to use ordinary stainless steel instead of bellows.

Because the stainless steel corrugated pipe is spiral design, it can effectively reduce the transmission pressure of the pipeline, and three metal columns are arranged around it, which can avoid the direct contact between the pipeline and the installation environment, and reduce the impact force of the pipeline, so as to effectively improve the service life of the stainless steel corrugated pipe. Therefore, it is self-evident whether stainless steel bellows can be replaced by steel pipes directly. If the pipeline delivery pressure and pipeline installation environment require higher requirements, stainless steel bellows must be used.

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