Vacuum system paper machine

This paper analyzes the key influencing factors of vacuum system equipment and how to improve the application of vacuum system in paper machine. The vacuum pump system software is one of the auxiliary system software of the paper machine. Its key function is to assist in the dehydration of the paper web. In addition, it also has the functions of paper web migration and cloth cleaning. With the rapid expansion of paper machine business scale, the efficiency of vacuum pump system software is becoming more and more prominent, but in addition to improving dehydration efficiency, saving land occupation, saving investment in machinery and equipment projects, the energy consumption of vacuum pump system software is also expanding at the same pace, resulting in the increase of operation costs, so it is very important to select a suitable vacuum system for paper machine manufacturers.

Vacuum system characteristics:

Since the first start of the equipment, all the operation process can maintain automatic control. In its work, the vacuum degree of each part of the vacuum system fluctuates from beginning to end within its allowable range, and its fluctuation range can be adjusted according to customer regulations. When the first one fails to reach the vacuum pump, the second one starts until the vacuum pump is set so that the first one stops and the second one stops circulating system. Under the condition of no one’s actual operation, the system carries out the automatic control system, and the full-automatic closed vacuum system can be used when the power is cut off. In addition, the control cabinet can maintain the load and short circuit fault of vacuum pump motor.


Key influencing factors of vacuum system configuration:

1. Moisture content of Web

2. Paper quantitative analysis

3. Filtration degree of slurry

4. Slurry type

5. Equipment

6. Sealing water temperature

7. Paper machine speed per hour

8. Moisture content and structure of wool fabric

9. Vacuum degree and total number of dehydration components

How to improve the application of vacuum system in paper machine? The professional technicians of EVP vacuum pump propose to consider the following aspects:

(1) wet suction box. The concentration value of the wet suction box is controlled within 3%, so as to ensure that all the concentrated clear water is used for slurry flushing. 3-4 wet suction boxes can be set according to the speed.

(2) low vacuum water storage tank. In production and manufacturing, the dehydration load of the fiber tube is relieved according to the concentration value of the upper and outer net.

(3) high vacuum water suction and storage tank. The fiber pipe is equipped with a number of low vacuum suction and storage tanks with a slightly larger air supply volume, and the vacuum degree is suitable for 15-30kpa.

(4) composite area high true empty box. Because of the high vacuum requirements, it is better to use a separate vacuum pump.

(5) vacuum pump couch roll. Set a vacuum pump liposuction area, the vacuum degree is generally 50 ~ 60kpa, and the suction width is generally 300 mm.

(6) vacuum suction roll. The suction and air supply volume is not suitable to be too high, and the vacuum degree is kept at 40 ~ 60kpa. It is OK to use a liposuction area with a suction width of 150 ~ 200mm.

Paper machine is the key industrial equipment used to form paper web in papermaking industry. Although vacuum system is the reasonable driving force to assist paper machine dehydration, if it is set too high, it will waste the power and energy of system software, and it will also aggravate the damage of net blanket and dehydration components. Therefore, it is very important to upgrade the vacuum system equipment in several aspects mentioned above, and we are looking forward to it Children can attach great importance to it, so as to ensure the stability of the system software, reduce energy consumption and generate greater profits.

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