Vacuum pump for rubber degassing

SV100 vacuum pump in silicone rubber products of application

Application of vacuum pump sv100 in silicone rubber products text: in the production of silicone rubber products, in order to improve the quality of products and improve the product qualification rate, vacuum degassing has become a necessary choice. Compared with the traditional process, the use of vacuum pump sv100 vacuum degassing brings convenience, not only to improve the production efficiency, but also to improve the product qualification rate is more superior.

Vacuum pump for rubber degassing

The rotary vane pump is able to achieve over 99.95% of the ultimate vacuum and has a free air stroke of 330 L / m, making it very suitable for rapid degassing applications, as well as very large resin diversion / vacuum bag projects and centralized workshop vacuum systems. Compared with the same standard free air displacement conventional oil bath pump (CFM), the optimized vacuum curve of the product means that the vacuum pumping time can reach 3 times of conversion.

The unique continuous carrier gas and exhaust mist eliminator ensures that the discharged air is almost completely oil-free and suitable for sensitive environments such as closed workshops, schools, universities and laboratories.

The product has an integrated check valve that prevents oil and air backflow when closed, making the product easy to use and avoiding misoperation.

It has a complete IEC socket, power cord and integrated power switch. It can be installed and used with only one standard 13amp wall socket, and the installation is fast and simple.

It is recommended to be used in large vacuum degassing chamber, and the high active resin and silicone rubber in degassing chamber can realize full vacuum in about 30 seconds.

Vacuum degassing

It is recommended to be used in large vacuum degassing chamber, and it is very useful to realize full vacuum of high active resin and silicone rubber in degassing chamber in about 30 seconds during rapid degassing operation.

The throughput of 330L / M means that it can reach almost complete vacuum in about 60 seconds for a typical 26 liter degassing chamber.

It is mainly used in industrial vacuum bag and vacuum degassing market. In order to meet the needs of the industrial market, the sustainability and reliability of the product are far better than those of general purpose vacuum pumps.

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