vacuum pump for Stripper Column

The most common application of vacuum pump is in the Stripper Column of an oil refinery.

The stripper is mainly used for separating the oil and solvent in the mixed oil of oil processing enterprises by means of the principle of steam distillation after the second evaporation, so as to obtain a higher concentration of the mixed oil.

Stripper Column Purpose:

This equipment is the key equipment for further reducing the residual solubility of mixed oil after one evaporation and two steaming in the leaching workshop. Stripper, using stainless steel disc, disc welding on the shell to avoid gas short-circuit phenomenon, completely eliminate gas short-circuit phenomenon, reliable performance, stripping effect is good. Flange connection between trays is not only convenient for maintenance and cleaning. Increase and decrease the number of disc arrays, and flexibly adjust the processing capacity of the equipment.

Stripper Column requirements:

(1) The gas and liquid in the tower should be well distributed in the stripper tube to obtain high stripping effect.

(2) The ammonia content in the solution decreases after the CO2 stripping synthetic reaction liquid. In order to prevent the equipment from being corroded, the stripper must be made of corrosive resistant materials. The stripping tower is a vertical falling film tube heat exchanger. The upper tube box is equipped with a liquid distributor, and the lower tube box is equipped with an oxygen gas inlet distributor and an automatic liquid level controller.

(3) The synthetic reaction liquid enters the upper tube box of the stripper from the nozzle N12, and distributes the liquid evenly to each stripper through the liquid distributor in the upper tube box. Because of the function of the liquid distributor, the liquid forms a layer of liquid film in the tube to flow downward. CO2 gas enters the tower from the bottom pipe N10 and distributes evenly through the gas distributor to each stripper, contacting with liquid countercurrent and producing stripping effect. The heat required for stripping is supplied by the high pressure saturated steam from the high pressure drum, which is introduced from the nozzle N11 to the shell side of the stripper, and the steam condensate is discharged from the tube N6 to the high pressure drum. The CO2 and NH3 obtained from the synthesized reaction liquid after stripping are returned to the high pressure condenser together with the CO2 feed gas from the nozzle N2, while the stripping liquid enters the low pressure circulatory system from the tube N9.


A larger fraction of crude oil after the atmospheric distillation is driven into the vacuum distillation unit which is one of the most productive and critical equipment in the refinery. The vacuum in the Stripper Column is kept by vacuum pump.

vacuum pumps are often used in combination with liquid ring pumps to create vacuum in crude oil distillation columns.

The combination of the two pump types together with simple but appropriate control systems facilitate a low consumption of cooling water, power and motive medium.

Condensers are arranged between the vacuum pumps. As far as possible, the drawn-off vapors and the motive medium are condensed thus reducing the flow which the liquid ring pump has to handle.

vacuum pumps are perfectly suited to Stripper Column application. They convey large quantities of gas, operate smoothly and need very little maintenance. A wide choice of materials means that corrosion can be reduced or eliminated.

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