Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Pressing

Production of Direct-Pin Vacuum Press Vacuum Pump

Function of vacuum pump of vacuum Press

Vacuum press uses mechanical method to extract moisture from paper. In the pressing section, the rollers with granite and hard rubber surfaces are closely contacted to form a “pressing zone“.A typical paper machine may have 1-3 “pressure areas.“ When the paper passes through the pressing area, the water is squeezed out and seeps into the pressed wool cloth, which is used as the transportation tool and cushion of the paper when the paper passes through the pressed part.In the dehydration process, the pressure section has vacuum and non-vacuum roller.

Introduction of Vacuum Pump of Vacuum Press

1.The water distribution ring vacuum pump is ideal for vacuum presses.After special optimization, it is very suitable for this type of printing press.New generation vacuum pump series.All components are replaced by modern processing techniques of conventional processing methods.Automatic NC machining has high precision and good interchangeability.The technology has also been optimized with low vibration, low noise and long service life.For the rest of my life.
2. easy maintenance
The temperature of compressed gas is low, and the exhaust temperature is only 10-15 C higher than the intake temperature.Due to this characteristic, it is easy to inhale flammable and explosive gases.
3. Flexible configuration
It can be assembled with separators, heat exchangers, pipelines, valves, meters and electronic control devices and placed on a chassis as a complete set of equipment.

Vacuum Pressure Vacuum Pump Model

2BV series water ring vacuum pump and compressor
2BV series water ring vacuum pump and compressor
2SK-P1 Series Bipolar Water Ring vacuum pump-Atmospheric Jet pump Unit
The SZ type water ring vacuum pump and compressor
2BV series water ring vacuum pump and compressor
2BEC series of water ring vacuum pumps and compressors

Vacuum Press Vacuum Pump After Sale

Vacuum pump, vacuum equipment, vacuum system, vacuum sealed box, vacuum immersion equipment, vacuum device, fully functional, can meet 99% of customer needs.The products have been inspected by the Bureau of quality Inspection.Process according to ISO standard.The equipment adopts the NC machining center to ensure the accuracy of the parts.The whole pump takes two hours of simulation test.Most customers rely on word of mouth to import quality and domestic prices.
EVP products are not lower prices on the market, but EVP is a lower price wholesale manufacturer of high-end products, providing high-quality products, high-quality services, high-quality prices.
1. 12-month warranty service
2.two. Engineers engaged in 15 vacuum equipment industries will provide you with the appropriate models.If the model can not meet the requirements, they can ask for refund and exchange.
3.three. More than 500 different types of vacuum pump vacuum industrial equipment vacuum coating machine
4. Provide technical services, maintenance services for life, vacuum spare parts consumables, vacuum oil supply to original products
4.four. Standardized services-global coverage-are right next to you.On a global scale, we follow the same service standards
5. Are you looking for an economical and effective solution?We can do it!We can provide on-site service for your equipment and tailor it for you.
6. In addition, we will also provide seven days, 24 hours, all-weather failure support, technical support, system operation status inspection and other services to keep your production as efficient as possible.EVP on-site service will allow you to experience the excellent service brought by the EVP technical service team. They have provided maintenance services for thousands of vacuum pumps and vacuum equipment in all walks of life, so they have accumulated rich on-site experience.

Vacuum Press Vacuum Pump of Picture Display

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Pressing

Vacuum Press Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Press Vacuum Pump of Picture Display


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