Vacuum pump for vinyl chloride monomer recovery

In monomer recovery system, the unreacted vinyl chloride were transferred into the tank. The gas is removed from the PVC system at atmospheric pressure or near atmospheric pressure. The gas is then compressed by a single-stage compressor system for condensation and stored as pressurized liquid.To learn more about vacuum pumps for more industry applications, click applications.

The following is a brief introduction of liquid ring vacuum pump used for vinyl chloride monomer recovery. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about liquid ring vacuum pump, please click contact us.

Vacuum pump for vinyl chloride monomer recovery

Liquid ring vacuum pump of requirements for stator curve

The operation of liquid ring vacuum pump is a kind of  equipment which can obtain vacuum by pumping air from the container. Generally, it is used to maintain a certain degree of vacuum. The application of its internal stator is the component that can ensure the use effect. Next, let’s take a look at the requirements of the stator curve of the vacuum pump.

1, Suitable two-point interval: because the blade of liquid ring vacuum pump is integrated, the rigidity is enhanced, and the elasticity of one end must constitute the corresponding elasticity of the other end. So, regardless of the rotor turning to a point of view. It is necessary to ensure that the curve can touch both ends of the rotary blade together, and adhere to a reasonable open space, so as to avoid the phenomenon of empty space leading to the addition of spillage.

2, Too fast vibration on the stator surface caused by excessive pressure on the stator surface.

3, The force condition of the vane is excellent: the angle between the vector diameter of a point on the stator curve and the normal of the point on the curve is the pressure angle of the stator curve. The increase of the pressure angle will increase the force of stator against the vane and the angle between the vane direction, increase the lateral force of the vane, increase the conflict between the vane and the rotor, and worsen the stress condition of the blade, which will affect the service life and overall power of the pump.

4, There is a larger pumping rate: the volume area of the vane pump element should be added as much as possible without adding the pump body specification, so as to obtain a higher pumping speed string.

Input is a liquid ring vacuum pump in operation, and its new stator curve can increase the pumping rate, which should also have the speed and characteristics of the existing curve. Now, the stator curve of vacuum pump is mainly circular curve. It is mainly considered that the positive return curve has excellent speed characteristics, which reduces the noise and impact during the operation of vacuum pump.

How to determine the diversion time of liquid ring vacuum pump

The working medium of the liquid ring vacuum pump is water, and its working environment may also be water. There will be water diversion operation when the vacuum pump is running, but water diversion also needs reasonable time to achieve good working effect, so how much water diversion time should be? Let’s learn about it.

The estimation formula of liquid ring vacuum pump is derived according to the standard atmospheric pressure. When the test pressure is not one standard atmospheric pressure, the estimation formula should be modified. When the height variable in the estimation formula is within the range of (7-d / 2,7), the calculation of water diversion time is not applicable to this formula. However, since the height from (7-d / 2) to 7 is relatively small, and the centrifugal pump also has certain exhaust effect, the process time is very short and has little impact on the overall calculation results.

The results of three kinds of water diversion time tests show that the results calculated by this formula are basically consistent with the measured data, and the error is less than 4%. Therefore, the derivation of the estimation formula is successful. It is of practical significance to determine the parameters of the diversion pump more accurately and to design a reasonable liquid ring vacuum pump. Therefore, there are strict regulations on the water diversion time of vacuum pump. The water diversion time of pump with flow rate below 50L / s shall not exceed 35S, and that of pump with flow rate above 80L / s shall not exceed 80s.

The water pumping time of the liquid ring vacuum pump is mainly calculated according to the standard atmospheric pressure. Although this value can not be accurately expressed, it is enough to judge the time. However, we should pay attention to the following summary in the actual winning and losing process. Not all vacuum pumps have a water drawing time. Don’t try to calculate a data and use it all the time.

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