Roots vacuum pump system used in rosin-produce line

Distilled gum rosin is usually obtained by vacuum distillation of gum rosin. The size and stability of the system limit vacuum directly affect the quality and output of the product. The production practice shows that the vacuum pump system can meet the vacuum requirements of continuous production of rosin.

Distilled gum rosin is a new developed product, which has higher softening point, acid value, lighter color, and very low content of lead, arsenic and heavy metals than gum rosin, so it has more extensive use.

In the production of distil rosin, the vacuum of the system should be kept stable in a certain time interval. In case of continuous production process, stable vacuum condition is required in the whole production process.

Vacuum machine composition: it is composed of oil vane vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, mounting bracket, connecting pipe, control box, oil mist filter, etc. it is used for vacuum exhaust of production and research equipment.

Roots Vacuum Package Used in Rosin-Produce Line in Southeast Asia

In order to improve the application level of Roots vacuum pump system, in accordance with the development process of practical application, it is necessary to increase the development of the overall level of the product according to the performance of the unit and the ability of practical application, so as to promote the continuous development of its practical performance and enhance the effective play of its practical ability, so as to expand its application level of strength and further improve its application level with relatively rapid development advantages The overall performance of all aspects of performance expansion can improve the effective development of the overall application ability of the unit products.

Based on the application foundation of enterprise development, we will continue to expand the overall processing level of Roots vacuum pump system, combine with the effective improvement of actual capacity, enhance the practical performance of the product, in the application process of development with actual advantages, promote the overall application level with comprehensive application performance and development advantages, and further improve the performance of product practical performance, In order to expand its continuously developing application ability, reflect its excellent performance application ability and realize the high performance application ability of the unit.

Under the development of the performance advantages of Roots vacuum pump system, we should only rely on the effective performance of the overall ability of the product, with strong application ability of the product, expand the continuous drive of its strength performance, in the process of enhancing the application of its overall advantage development, we should further expand the continuous improvement of its actual quality, so as to improve the application advantages of the overall strength.

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After a long period of continuous operation, the roots pump vacuum unit has been proved to be able to meet the requirements of continuous production of rosin.

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